How to Unlock Hidden Insights in Your Government Agency’s Revenue Report

Professional analyzing detailed revenue data on a computer while taking notes in a modern office setting.

For government agencies, a revenue report is not just a financial document. It’s a strategic tool to guide budgetary decisions, resource allocation, and long-term government planning—ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency of government operations.  Despite the breadth of information in revenue reports, agencies often face challenges in interpreting and leveraging this data effectively. Varying report … Read more

Government Kiosk Payments for Secure, Convenient Transactions

government payment kiosk system

Modernization allows governments to stay in tune with the evolving expectations of their citizens, who increasingly expect convenient and efficient payment options. Utility payments, reservations, and application fees are key areas where kiosk payments are crucial in modernizing government service payments.  Kiosk payments involve self-service machines or terminals in public spaces, allowing citizens to conveniently … Read more

What Is EBPP? Exploring Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment Solutions

man purchasing electronically

*Last Updated: July 6, 2023 Electronic billing presentment and payment (EBPP) is the process of electronically delivering bills or invoices to customers or constituents, allowing them to make payments online. EBPP conveniently enables government agencies to consolidate billing information into a single digital platform, combining invoice generation, delivery, and payment processing. Convenience is precisely what … Read more

Accelerate the Constituent Experience with Better Time to Value

time to value shown with money, calendar and clock

In today’s fast-paced digital world, government agencies seek solutions to enhance efficiency and deliver a modernized experience for its constituents. Automation has emerged as a revolutionary approach to empower governments to reduce delays, speed up operations, and improve how processes are executed. A cutting-edge, automated platform can powerfully accelerate the time to value for citizens … Read more

Prioritizing People — How Local Governments Are Serving Citizens and the Staff Who Serve Them

Government roundtable series, prioritizing people

Convenient and modern payment processes are a critical focus for government agencies, and providing efficient digital payment solutions to citizens is only the beginning. Best-in-class agencies and the technology that supports those agencies understand that there are two categories of people that government supports—citizens and the staff who serve them.  In the latest Government Roundtable Series … Read more

5 Common Challenges of RFPs for Content Management and Payment Processing

RFP written on a wooden cube on keyboard with office tools

Government agencies rely on request for proposals (RFPs), but that process can be lengthy and complicated as you work to ensure accuracy and completeness.  It is not out of the ordinary for RFP complexity to cause delays and demand more time and government resources than initially allocated. With a streamlined RFP system, your agency can … Read more

New Debt Collection Laws of 2022: Information for Government Organizations

Government organizations have a singular focus—providing exceptional service and support for citizens. Regarding financial transactions, citizens deserve to be informed from start to finish. Occasionally, that includes debt collection systems.  While government organizations rely on property liens over debt collection practices, it’s important to be informed on how the new debt collection laws of 2022 … Read more

Prioritizing Property—How Local Governments Can Improve Staff and Resident Experiences

Prioritizing Property

For decades, government agencies and departments have structured their billing and payment processes through the identification of their citizens. In the latest Government Roundtable Series webinar, CORE’s SVP of Development—Alan Pyrz, VP Head of Government Sales—Justin Dillon, and VP of Marketing—Shash Cates unpack how revenue systems can also be structured through property. By prioritizing property … Read more

How Digital Payment Solutions Can Boost Municipal Efficiency and Save Costs

Government building

The public sector depends on consistent revenue to serve their community. Efficient digital payment solutions do more for government agencies than improve billing and payment systems —they also meet customer needs. Government agencies understand the importance of streamlined payment processes for both sides of a transaction. That’s why your constituents need flexible, convenient payment options … Read more

Why Local Governments Need the Best Event Ticketing Software

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For local governments, community events are one of the most effective ways to strengthen neighborhood bonds and facilitate citizen engagement. Community event managers realize this and are preparing their summer events. But how do you ensure your plans go off without a hitch? By using professional event management and ticketing software. The best event ticketing … Read more