How to Modernize Payment Processing for Government Organizations [An Integrated Solution]

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The digital landscape is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. With each technological advancement, the world morphs into something new. Every industry is experiencing rapid change and needs to meet evolving customer expectations.  One area that all businesses need to consider is their billing and payment systems, which are central to the user experience. Companies are … Read more

How a Payment Solution That Integrates with Your Accounting Software Can Streamline Your Operations & Solve Fragmentation

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When operating a government organization, fragmented accounting processes can create excessive stress and increase your team’s workload. While this issue is apparent and pressing, many government agencies and departments are still trying to make their disconnected systems work.  Operating uncentralized systems, while common, is not the way to run an efficient organization. When it comes … Read more

Free Resource: PCI Compliance Checklist for Government Organizations

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The standards for PCI compliance can be complicated, especially when trying to decipher the legal, technical and banking language surrounding this topic.  CORE aims to make it easier for government organizations to meet PCI compliance and to remove the complexity surrounding program’s requirements. One way we can do that is to provide a PCI compliance … Read more

6 Ways Using Bill Paying Services Increases Citizen Engagement

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Organizations across industries struggle to engage their customers. We live in an increasingly busy world, meaning it’s increasingly difficult and important to capture your audience’s attention. For government agencies and departments, this means improving the experience across the board to increase citizen engagement.  Streamlining billing and payment processes are often overlooked, but they are among … Read more

How Government Municipalities Can Use Bill Paying Service Solutions to Serve Underbanked Citizens

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In 2019, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) surveyed the use of banking and financial services in households. They found that 5.4% of US households were unbanked, the lowest recorded percentage since the survey’s inception in 2009.  Accessibility is the main issue for the underbanked. Finding convenient and secure access to banking and bill paying … Read more

Is the Best Free Software for Payment Management Worth It?

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Automated pay management systems make sense for business. Along with flexibility and security, these systems reduce labor costs and the potential for human error. Once you’ve decided to implement payment management software into your government organization, you must find the perfect fit.  After looking high and low for a solution that adapts to your unique … Read more

How Disconnected Payment Processes Hurt Everyone

Just as most businesses must prioritize a streamlined payment process for customers, it’s critical for government agencies, departments etc. But what most teams miss is that a disconnected payment process can hurt everyone at the organization, not just your customer or citizen experience. Internal chaos creates challenges for everyone on the team. And the impact … Read more

Utility Payment Processing: A Resource Guide for Meeting Evolving Expectations

What Is A Recurring Payment

Living in a rapidly progressing digital age can be challenging. Across every industry, there’s a shift in customer expectations regarding payment processing options. For government organizations, the age-old reliance on a paper payment system design doesn’t cut it anymore. Modern utility payment processing provides a way to solve this issue and better serve your constituents. … Read more

AIC truly puts the ‘IN’ in Indiana

Last week CORE had the privilege of attending the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) annual conference in South Bend. With over 500 participants, it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with old friends and make some new ones. We were equally impressed with how well the show was organized by the AIC team in terms … Read more

Your Top Choice for Government Payment Solutions: Customer Portals

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One of the most long-standing pain points plaguing government agencies is the customer experience. Payment processing is an integral part of the customer experience, which is why it’s more important than ever to approach payment solutions in a modern, seamless manner.  Even if government organizations attempt to streamline their payment processes, the options for doing … Read more