A Payment Solution for City Council Members and Managers

Transitioning to a digital payment platform is within reach. CORE helps city council members and managers meet the demands of municipal and constituent finances with ease.

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CORE for City Council Members and Managers

CORE delivers a time-saving solution that offers a unified payment system tailored to the needs of your organization.

Adopting digital solutions liberates your local government’s limited budget by eliminating costs related to the storage, handling, and processing of paper checks. Our proven and trusted government payment solution decreases reliance on manual intervention, significantly reduces overhead costs, and accelerates time-to-revenue.

10 %
Washington County Increases Online Payments
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Grand County Improves Online Payments

CORE Features

Our city management platform provides a suite of features that offer ease, transparency, and security:

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Integrated Accounting

Unify accounting systems with a streamlined solution that facilitates better financial management.

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Public Payment Portals

Enhance citizen engagement with straightforward, easy-to-use portals for paying municipal services and fees.

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Compliance and Security

Prioritize data security with a platform that adheres to council-manager government compliance and privacy standards.

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Customizable Solutions

Tailor the platform to your municipal landscape according to the specific requirements of your city and council.

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User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a responsive, intuitive interface designed to offer a user-friendly experience that elevates accessibility and accuracy.

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Effortless Reconciliation

Reconcile real-time payments to drive proactive decision-making for your council, municipality, and citizens.

Benefits for City Council Members and Managers

CORE’s streamlined platform translates to several advantages for city council members and managers, fostering financial efficiency, transparency, and compliance.

Automated Reconciliation

No more spreadsheets or outdated reports. Experience streamlined and precise financial processes with CORE’s automated reconciliation feature.

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PCI-Compliant Software

CORE prioritizes security with PCI-compliant software. This ensures transactions meet your highest security standards, safeguard sensitive data, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Accelerated Revenue

Experience the possibilities of integrated payment processing. Build a more cohesive and efficient financial landscape to eliminate silos and accelerate revenue cycles.

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Enhanced Experience

CORE enhances engagement through user-friendly interfaces. City council members and managers can improve the payment experiences of their municipalities and constituents.

Ready to Transform Your Financial Operations?

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CORE Case Studies

Discover real-world insights where government teams have transformed their operations with the help of CORE.

Grand County, UT logo

Grand County, UT

Learn how the county increased online payments 10x with CORE.

Montgomery Township, PA

Dive into how CORE modernized the township website and increased citizen engagement.
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Davenport, IA

Explore how the city saved between 15–20% on costs with CORE.

Transform Your Payment Experience with CORE

CORE offers unprecedented convenience, security, and adaptability—placing innovative tools in the hands of public service employees.

Discover how CORE can revolutionize the economic landscape and streamline operations for city council members and managers.

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