Automatic Payments

Speed up transactions with recurring billing​.

Recurring payments are one of the fastest growing offerings in eCommerce, are you ready?

CORE’s eWallet capability allows customers to easily and securely store multiple financial accounts including checking, savings, credit and debit cards on file for future use. Providing your customers with a recurring payment option can be a significant time and resource saver.

With CORE, you don’t have to generate weekly or monthly invoices. You can provide yet another payment option that is convenient for you and your customers. Customers can pay their utility, property, tax, permits and much more.

Transform the Payment Process for Customers

The easy-to-use payment system helps you capture more payments and increase customer loyalty. We offer a variety of configurable options to delight your customers.

We provide a payment portal for your customers who want to register and take advantage self-service options. Payers manage their bill pay settings, review billing and payment history, and change their settings for automatic payments and payment methods (credit/debit and bank accounts).

Helping Customers Budget Has Never Been Easier

Since customers can set, pay, and go with recurring billing, remembering due dates is removed from the process. As the merchant, you’re assured of timely payments increasing your cash flow. Here’s why CORE’s recurring billing solution works:

  • Scheduled Payments – Customers can schedule a single payment for a future date
  • Recurring Scheduled Payments – Allows scheduling of recurring single payments for a future date
  • Flexible payments – Customers can create their own ‘budget’ payment schedule within a billing cycle

Why wait? Maximize your revenue potential and increase customer loyalty with CORE’s eWallet solution for automatic payments today.