About Us

Experts in End-to-End Payment Solutions, Revenue Management, and Customer Engagement

Since 1985, CORE has built an infinitely scalable solution designed to deliver modern, convenient, experiences when it comes to end-to-end payment solutions, revenue management, and customer engagement. From payment automation to engagement experiences, CORE is the modern enterprise’s solution to better business.

Focused innovation, incredibly smart employees who are committed to delivering the best-in-class customer experience, and our continued drive to introduce customer-first solutions have propelled CORE to become a trusted, expert partner for over 1500 public sector, government, and higher education organizations across the country.

CORE believes you can not only survive but thrive, in the Experience Era because you can modernize connected experiences across the enterprise by enabling visibility into every step of payment and engagement activities, inciting immediacy by supporting anytime, anywhere access while matching the speed of the evolving consumer experience and maintaining control through detailed, granular workflows.

CORE meets enterprises where they are and takes them where they want to be. Learn more about our services and how we can help your organization today! Have questions about CORE?