Why CORE: Payment Solution, Revenue Management, and Consumer Engagement Software

CORE was founded to help the modern enterprise deliver a seamless payment system, facilitate revenue management, and strengthen consumer engagement. Today, more than 1600 organizations use CORE every single day.

Today’s enterprise landscape is changing. The accelerated focus on empowering digital-ready experiences continues to sweep across the enterprise, and it is fundamentally changing how you enable more reliable, sustainable, and secure revenue management and customer engagement solutions. Many organizations attempt to patch together various solutions, data sources, and strategies, but they fall short of creating a cohesive brand experience.

CORE believes you can not only survive, but thrive, in the Experience Era because you can modernize connected experiences across the enterprise by enabling visibility into every step of payment and engagement activities, inciting immediacy by supporting anytime, anywhere access while matching the speed of the evolving consumer experience; without sacrificing control.

One Place For Revenue Management

Our SaaS, PCI and HIPPA compliant solution enables direct-bill organizations to provide a consistent experience while driving positive revenue gains.

Connected to The Tools You Use.

CORE has powerful integrations with the software, ERPs, and financial systems that your enterprise leverages on a daily basis. Connect the solutions you already use in your organization, no matter where your revenue begins.

Safe and Secure.

Role-based security keeps your intellectual capital safe by ensuring information only goes into the systems it should, while providing access to the people it should. As an enterprise-class application, CORE is designed to support industry and regulatory requirements for compliance, data privacy, and information security.

Consumer Engagement Solutions

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