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Why CORE: Automated Payment Solution Software

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CORE was founded to help modern government agencies deliver a seamless payment system, facilitate revenue management, and strengthen citizen engagement. Today, more than 1600 organizations use CORE every single day to:
  • Automate account reconciliation
  • Accelerate revenue collection
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Enhance payment systems for constituents

CORE’s automated payment solution platform makes a difference for government agencies and the people they serve. 

Today’s government landscape is changing. The accelerated focus on empowering digital-ready experiences fundamentally changes how you enable more reliable, sustainable, secure revenue management and citizen engagement solutions. CORE believes you can not only survive but thrive in the Experience Era.

CORE helps your team modernize connected experiences across your agency. By delivering an integrated payment and reconciliation platform, every sector of your department gains powerful benefits through the optimized system. CORE is designed to streamline backend processes for:

With automated reconciliation and enhanced revenue management, CORE offers a secure, accurate payment solution while matching the speed of the evolving constituent experience—all without sacrificing control.

Here's how CORE's platform can help your organization

Precision, security, and regulatory compliance are paramount when managing financial operations within your municipality. Discover how CORE enhances efficiency for your government organization and its citizens.

Real-World Solutions: CORE Case Studies

Explore insights with CORE success stories through our case studies:


CORE is a leading technology solutions provider of modern, scalable payment solutions. These solutions deliver streamlined experiences to government agencies, including end-to-end payment, revenue management, and citizen engagement. We specialize in providing comprehensive, cutting-edge tools tailored for government and public sector organizations that prioritize the needs of our clients and their constituents.

Citizens expect a payment solution that meets their needs. CORE has developed a proven track record for delivering technology solutions that ensure a user-centric approach on both sides of every transaction. Our solutions emphasize security, enhanced financial efficiency, higher citizen engagement, and strict regulatory compliance.

Our forward-thinking leadership team is composed of seasoned experts and executives. Our team collaborates to yield positive outcomes that benefit our clients, investors, and the organizations we serve.

Since its inception in 1986, CORE has developed revolutionary and convenient payment solutions to advance organizational capabilities. With dedication to focused innovation, expertise, and customer-first solutions, CORE has emerged as a trusted partner for over 1,600 public sector, government, and higher education organizations nationwide.

CORE headquarters are in East Providence, Rhode Island. The address is:

950 Warren Ave., Fl 4
East Providence, Rhode Island 02914
United States of America

From CORE’s Rhode Island location, our impact and scope extend beyond state borders and cater to diverse sectors. CORE recognizes the distinct needs of various clients and delivers unique, robust payment solutions to organizations nationwide.

CORE offers a suite of secure payment solutions tailored for government agencies. These solutions prioritize a seamless payment experience that meets the needs of organizations and the citizens they serve. CORE’s services include:

  • Integrated revenue management
  • Secure payment processing solutions
  • Comprehensive automated platforms
  • Seamless constituent engagement

We’ve built CORE’s payment solutions on a framework of user-friendly experiences, customizable reporting, real-time management, and operational efficiencies to enhance government financial excellence.

CORE stands apart in the realm of payment solutions through powerful, distinctive features and a commitment to premium financial management. Our company continually evolves to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital environment by:

  • Enhancing efficiency with wide-ranging integration
  • Keeping robust security at the forefront of our frameworks
  • Offering adaptable and scalable solutions
  • Employing intuitive interfaces for all users
  • Remaining committed to focused innovation

Ultimately, what sets CORE apart is an unwavering focus on improving the payment experience for government agencies and their constituents. With improved efficiency, security, adaptability, and user experiences, CORE remains an ever-trusted player in the payment solutions and financial management field.

The CORE payment system is a comprehensive end-to-end payment platform with diverse features, including secure payment processing, automated reconciliation, and integrated methods for managing several payment channels. CORE’s centralized, cloud-based payment solutions are flexible and reliable, improving every payment processing stage for government agencies and public sector organizations.

CORE’s cutting-edge payment solutions use advanced tools and automation to streamline invoice, billing, and reconciliation processes effectively. These secure solutions facilitate swift transactions whether in-person or online. We boost efficiency in the revenue cycle, accelerate payment processing, fortify security in every transaction, and engage citizens by meeting them at their preferred touch points.

A payment solutions company specializes in providing services and technologies to facilitate various aspects of payment processing for businesses and organizations. Here are some essential functions typically offered by a payment solutions company:

  • Payment Processing: Manages digital payment transactions, including credit card payments, debit card payments, and other electronic payment methods.
  • Payment Gateways: Offers secure pathways for the authorization and processing of online transactions to ensure the safe transfer of funds.
  • Mobile Payment Solutions: Facilitates payments through mobile devices, including contactless payments, mobile wallets, and apps.
  • Security Measures: Safeguards sensitive financial data during payment transactions, including encryption and fraud prevention.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Ensures payment solutions comply with industry regulations, data protection laws, and industry standards.
  • Platform Integration: Integrates payment solutions with existing systems and online platforms for secure and convenient transactions.
  • Data Analytics: Offers analytic tools to track and analyze payment data, consumer behavior, and financial trends across organizations.

Essentially, a payment solutions company aims to simplify and boost security across all points of the payment process. As a payment solutions company, CORE specializes in providing advanced technology to streamline payment processes that continually simplify transactions and ensure efficiency, security, and compliance in the ever-changing landscape of digital payments.

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