Accelerate the Constituent Experience with Better Time to Value

June 29, 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital world, government agencies seek solutions to enhance efficiency and deliver a modernized experience for its constituents. Automation has emerged as a revolutionary approach to empower governments to reduce delays, speed up operations, and improve how processes are executed. A cutting-edge, automated platform can powerfully accelerate the time to value for citizens for a streamlined payment experience when accessing government services. 

As illustrated by GovTech and their digital community brief produced by the Center for Digital Government, this overview provides relevant information within the context of government technology initiatives to demonstrate the power of CORE’s automated payment experience for organizations.

Automation in Action

Eliminating manual tasks, including paper-heavy services, can significantly improve the way citizens interact with government agencies. This also eases the workload for government officials and employees, making day-to-day operations far more efficient. Through automation, governments can transform outcomes for organizations and their constituents. 

The Problem

Slow processes, inefficient data management, manual reconciliation, and paper-based delays pose numerous challenges to government organizations. For example, citizens in Grant County, UT, made property tax payments by check through the mail, which resulted in delays. 

The Solution

To address the issue, the county partnered with CORE to implement a digitized payment processing platform. By leveraging this technology, the payment experience was accelerated, resulting in ten times more payments in just six years.

How It Worked

Through automated processes, CORE’s platform offered a modern, digital payment solution with a user-friendly interface, encouraging online payments. This immediately doubled the payments received and made the county team’s job faster and more efficient. 

These online payments were advertised on the county’s website and with tax bill mailers, enabling citizens to sign up for this option. This minimized the need for county time and resources and allowed citizens to conveniently access their tax bills year-round, resulting in a much faster time to value for constituents. 

Addressing the Challenges of Implementation

Implementing CORE is a transformative shift for government agencies but requires informed decision-making and strategic planning. Governments should consider these few points when implementing an automated platform.

Data and Analytics

One of the key challenges in implementing automation is managing vast amounts of data effectively. CORE addresses this with advanced analytic tools that extract actionable insights and optimize data management.

Human Decision Making

Automation enhances efficiency and accelerates processes but does not replace human discretion and judgment. CORE empowers human decision-making by incorporating notifications and workflows that enable more timely and informed choices with a well-designed, user-friendly platform.

Digitizing Manual Processes

Transitioning from a manual to a digital environment can be daunting. CORE simplifies the transition with customizable workflows and extensive training and support to move existing processes into a streamlined, productive space in the platform.

Best Practices for Success

A digitized payment experience can powerfully increase citizen engagement and offer a modernized solution for both sides of a transaction. The move toward process automation relies on these three components to ensure a successful transition. 


Before implementing automated processes, governments should analyze existing systems and identify areas for improvement. CORE offers tools for process mapping, optimization, and platform transparency. From reconciliation to citizen notification, superior results come from prioritizing processes based on their potential impact.


Training and education for personnel at all levels can help ensure successful software implementation. This collaboration can facilitate a sense of ownership and involvement in the process, and help to more directly involve personnel in the solution to agency challenges.


A platform with user-friendly interfaces, scalability, and security measures is best implemented with a low or no-code system that empowers agencies to make adjustments or add features as needed. CORE’s security features can help protect sensitive data during and after implementation for a seamless transition to the automated system.

Streamlined Processes

Automation platforms can open the door to exciting possibilities for government agencies. Time-consuming manual processes are automated to free up valuable resources and enable personnel to focus on higher-value tasks. Agencies can make informed decisions and detect potential issues with improved data management. 

Crucially, the integration of an automated platform elevates the constituent experience, providing citizens with the flexibility to access the system on their own terms and improving their relationship with their government organizations. With automated platforms, improvements in the time to value metric are nearly instantaneous.

Automate Payment Processes with CORE

Automation can significantly help governments deliver a seamless, efficient, and improved constituent experience. With CORE, the power of automation streamlines manual processes and transforms them into easy-to-use, digitized workflows. 
Discover how CORE can accelerate the time to value for government constituents.

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