Consumer Engagement Solutions For Government Agencies

Citizen engagement in the public sector is driven by consumer demand for virtual access to make payments for services, register for recreational events, and receive critical notices in real-time. Equally important, government agencies are seeking ways to be more efficient, reduce costs and capture more revenue. 

CORE delivers a PCI-compliant event registration and payment software that will increase consumer engagement and modernize the payment experience.

Creating a 360-degree view

Increasing your scope of engagement by citizens in the public sector is not a complicated process. Utilizing the right event payment platform coupled with expanded bill payment channels for citizens will bring you into the experience era. Here are just a few ways CORE can jump-start your consumer engagement:

  • Use our integrated event management software that leverages your existing technology investments
  • Provide 24/7/365 self-service and mobile payments that provide a seamless and consistent user experience regardless of where and how your consumers pay
  • Take advantage of digital channels to drive adoption and reduce in-person traffic at your various consumer service locations

Unified payments = unified constituents

Modernizing your citizen experiences will give consumers the connection they’re looking for with you and increase participation. Throughout the payments journey with CORE, we can bring departments together with consolidated reporting and reconciliation. 

Offer new services for events, resource, and facilities management, eBilling, omnichannel payments, digital wallet, consumer communications, and much more. CORE’s consumer engagement platform incorporates comprehensive analytics and reporting to provide government agencies like yours with seamless, consistent interactions across all channels.

CORE Case Study

Gain insights from practical scenarios highlighting the versatility of CORE’s payment processing solutions.

“CORE had the payments website up and running in a very short amount of time, with little to no effort on our part. It was fantastic. All they needed from me was the link from our website so I could conntect it to CORE's website.”
Larin Lind

Learn more about how CORE’s government event management software and other consumer engagement solutions can help you be more effective, capture more revenue, and reduce costs.