Service Request Management System

No request, large or small should fall through the cracks.

CORE’s task management system provides all your departments from maintenance to finance, human resources, and more with a self-service portal that allows them to accept and manage a variety of service requests. Our solution then intuitively routes the request to the appropriate individual.

Our service request management system provides an important communications channel for improvement initiatives, along with both positive and constructive feedback from users so you can achieve maximum efficiencies. It also contributes to improvement by providing measurable parameters like time to fulfillment on deliverables, so you have analytics to know where your time is most spent.

Our automated request management system provides workflows and flexibility to scale with your business as it grows based on your business rules.

Not just about IT, but all departments

Individuals across all departments have important requests, not just traditional IT service requests for workstations and connectivity. Everyone can submit service requests, track the status of their requests, and take any necessary follow-up actions and provide feedback to staff handling their requests. Each of these steps and checkpoints are managed through efficient workflows so you’ll know exactly where the request is in the process.

With CORE, we automate the process, so you don’t have to just rely on making calls or waiting for an email response to know where a request stands.

We’ll provide the critical data elements such as work summary, submission date, priority level, the requester, and the status, along with any notes and dialogue.

Effective workflows get the job done

One of COREs strengths is providing workflow intelligence for enterprises whether it’s revenue related or task management. Request fulfillment and delivering the highest level of service support to keep your customers (internal and external) as happy as possible. In an organization where large numbers of service requests must be handled, it’s best to utilize automation to handle service requests separately as an isolated process.

Take the waiting and wondering out of important requests with CORE’s task management system. We can help you get there!