Integrated Payment Processing Solutions for Government IT & CTOs

Revolutionize your government’s financial landscape with integrated payment processing solutions tailored for IT teams and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs).

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Payment Solutions, Revenue Management, and Consumer Engagement Software by CORE

CORE offers an integrated software suite designed to transform financial operations for government agencies. From seamless payment processing to meticulous revenue management, CORE provides governments with the tools to accomplish more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly transactions.

For IT professionals and CTOs, modern, scalable technology is integral to the success of an organization’s overall infrastructure. CORE streamlines numerous financial management processes, reducing the burden on IT teams.

Ultimately, CORE’s streamlined, integrated payment processing solutions powerfully enhance the digital environment, allowing government IT departments to focus on growth and strategic initiatives within their role.

CORE for IT & CTOs

Outdated systems can significantly impede government operations in any sector, placing immense pressure on IT departments and CTOs. CORE’s integrated, secure payment system addresses these challenges.

CORE can be a powerful catalyst in fostering innovation, allowing government agencies to evolve more easily, adapt, and thrive in an increasingly digital environment.

CORE’s Key Features

CORE’s modern, integrated payment processing and revenue management platform prioritizes a streamlined end-to-end payment experience through advanced features:

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Advanced Data Encryption

State-of-the-art data encryption protocols ensure that sensitive data remains secure and confidential.

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Regulatory Compliance

PCI compliance features offer a solution that aligns with government regulations and legal requirements.

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Security Certifications

Certified security measures bolster the protection of valuable information according to the highest standards.

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Automated Processes

Automation reduces manual processes to streamline operations and reduce human intervention powerfully.

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Intuitive Interface

The user-friendly design ensures effortless navigation to facilitate smooth, straightforward interactions.

Benefits for IT Teams and CTOs

CORE’s software solutions offer numerous advantages to bring efficiency to the forefront of financial operations.

Streamlined Operations

Efficiency is at the forefront. CORE’s software reduces manual efforts to streamline workflows, accelerate revenue collection, and optimize processes for increased productivity.
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Enhanced Security

Data security is a priority. CORE’s advanced encryption protocols and regulatory compliance measures safeguard data and foster a secure financial environment.

Improved User Experience

Usability enhances trust. CORE elevates the user experience for citizens and government finance teams for seamless and mutually beneficial interactions.

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Cost Savings

Integrated solutions are cost-effective. By automating processes, reducing errors, and enhancing efficiency, CORE contributes to substantial cost savings over time.

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CORE Case Studies

Experience real-world examples of CORE’s integrated payment processing and revenue management suite.

“Online payments are way more efficient for my office. We save a lot of time and effort not having to open an envelope and scan the check, enter all the information manually and then deposit the check. And, because CORE is integrated with our tax accounting software, we can download a whole batch of payments directly into our system.”
Chris Kauffman, Treasurer | Grand County - Utah

Improve Financial Management Systems with CORE

CORE revolutionizes financial management for government agencies by offering a platform characterized by accuracy, efficiency, and security. Discover how we help governments keep pace with users’ evolving expectations with modernized payment solutions tailored to the public sector.

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