Drive more payments with automated communications.

Organizations are harnessing the power of Text-2-Pay to bring convenience to their customers and reduce the payment cycle. CORE’s text message payment system provides customers with the option to receive e-bills via text or e-mail and allows them to make a payment directly from the e-bill reminder or text message without needing to navigate to a web or mobile page.

Text-2-Pay does not require a card reader or even the latest phone technology. It’s truly mobile because customers can carry out these transactions anywhere, anytime, and on any type of cell phone. The process is 100% self-service between the customer and CORE.

What exactly is Text-2-Pay ?

Text-2-Pay, also known as SMS payment, is a solution that enables consumers to make a payment via texting on their smartphones. With this payment method, you can send out a text to your patient’s phone with a payment option to click and complete the transaction.

What are the benefits of text payment solutions?

Time to payment – Once a customer is enrolled, notifications are sent directly to their mobile device to initiate a bill payment.

Personalized messaging – Deliver a personalized experience to your customers based on their communication preferences. Customers can decide when to make their payments and receive instant confirmation.

Convenience – You don’t need statistics to understand how people engage with their mobile devices on a daily basis. But, as many as 60% of customers today prefer using their phones to make payments. Utilizing Text-2-Pay from CORE encourages a seamless engagement experience to receive payments quickly without hassle.

Increased security and revenue at the click of a button

Security issues are clearly the biggest concern for consumers now when making payments. Why not offer the safest and most secure method available? Text-2-Pay from CORE does not require anyone to see the credit card or ACH account information at all. With Text-2-Pay, customers can enter their card information themselves through a secure payment gateway eliminating extra steps in the process. Providing an instantaneous digital experience will get you paid faster and reduce friction. The benefits are clear:

  • Get paid on-time
  • Provide security in the transaction process
  • Decrease collection costs
  • Increase loyalty

Text-2-Pay is quick, easy, and safe and are one of the fastest-growing payment methods in the world, CORE can take you where you want to go.

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