4 Ways CORE and Sourcewell Ease the Buying Process for Government Technology

April 10, 2024

For more than 30 years, CORE has prioritized the government agency experience for payment processing and the citizen experience. As part of that mission, CORE seeks out partnerships that help ease the government agency purchasing process. Sourcewell—a self-sustaining government service cooperative—is one of those partners. 

CORE works closely with Sourcewell because we share the same vision. Sourcewell’s motto is simple, but powerful—To help government, education, and nonprofits work more efficiently. At CORE, we believe in the power best-in-class software can bring to efficiency and the customer and employee work experience. 

CORE’s partnership with Sourcewell brings CORE customers competitive pricing and access to CORE’s payment processing platform (including merchant services, automated bank reconciliation, and more). U.S.-based local government agencies can easily engage with Sourcewell to expedite the purchase of CORE software solutions, eliminating the need for time-consuming RFPs. 

CORE is a Sourcewell Awarded Contract and a proud solution partner with Sourcewell for our Fee Management and Online Payment Portal products.

4 ways working with Sourcewell makes purchasing new software easier for agencies: 

1. Cost savings

By working with Sourcewell, government agencies have bigger buying power—the competitive buying power of 50,000 participating agencies—and better software choices. Because of this, agencies can access CORE’s preferential pricing, getting access to CORE’s software solutions for payment processing at an exclusive rate. 

2. Streamlined purchasing process

Government agencies that choose to go through Sourcewell to purchase CORE’s platform can also take advantage of a faster, more efficient buying experience. No need to send out requests for RFPs, read each RFP, or manage any back and forth between agency and potential vendors. Agencies can get CORE’s payment platform faster with Sourcewell.

3. Vetted contracting process

Outside of the long and complicated RFP process, agencies that work with Sourcewell can also skip the complex task of vetting contracts with new technology partners. CORE is a vetted Sourcewell partner, making it faster and easier for agencies to move through the contract process quickly. 

4. Sourcewell helps with the buying process

Government agencies also get preferential treatment when they work with Sourcewell to purchase CORE’s platform. Sourcewell ensures agencies get the answers to all of their questions throughout the buying process as they assist every step of the way. 

Sourcewell and CORE offer a better process for government agencies to buy software: 

  • Compliant
    Sourcewell’s process is compliant and trusted by government agencies across the U.S. This trusted process satisfies bid requirements. Sourcewell is also an Achievement of Excellence in Procurement recipient.
  • Competitive
    Sourcewell gives government agencies the competitive buying power of 50,000 participating agencies, helping them access cost and time savings.
  • Convenient
    Sourcewell boasts a full catalog of software solutions to help government agencies find a complete solution—like CORE’s payment processing platform. Hundreds of trusted brands have used Sourcewell and have enjoyed an easy, no-cost registration for their services.

Interested in learning more about CORE’s revenue management and payment processing solutions? To buy from our Sourcewell contract, or for questions about products and pricing, contact us here.

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