Resource & Facility Management Software

From planning staff availability to managing contracts and equipment, What would you like CORE to help you manage today?

Project and Resource Managers face significant challenges; ranging from poor capacity planning, to conflicting resource priorities, to inadequate information on what resources are available facilities and workforce management.

See Your Plans Clearly To Easily Manage The Work Ahead

CORE’s flexible facility & resource management software can help you streamline and improve critical functions for increased efficiency in service and support, let us help you take control of your operations. Set up your team for success with what they need to manage efficiently. Manage assets and equipment, streamline the work order processes, and reduce space and maintenance costs.

  • Track physical assets such as equipment inventory, warranties, service schedules and parts
  • Schedule maintenance tasks
  • Organize purchase orders and billing for facilities
  • Store personnel skill profiles for assignments
  • Manage certifications and documents

Resource and Facility Management Software That’s a Game Changer

CORE’s versatility makes our resource and facilities management software adaptable for most any industry including government, universities, property management companies, manufacturing centers, healthcare facilities, and more.

Our solution can help you manage your resource and facility efforts to drive operational efficiency and get the job done, on time and within budget. Keep your team members focused on the tasks at hand and take advantage of reporting analytics to forecast and budget accurately.

Facility and Resource management is changing, it’s not the traditional way we used to look at it. Now, “workplace management” is crucial for optimization and productivity. Our solution can help you transform just a simple facilities management request into a benefit for those employees working in the building who rely on work order requests like HVAC, lighting and others to maintain their day-to-day operations.

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