Simplify Payments for Community Events and Municipal Services

Secure, efficient, and user-friendly payment solutions designed for event managers and local governments.

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For community event and municipal service managers, navigating payments should be seamless. CORE’s cutting-edge payment processing platform is crafted to provide an unparalleled user experience. Designed with robust security measures, CORE offers a versatile, adaptable solution tailor-made for a new era of effortless and secure payments.

Streamline Community Event Management

CORE is equipped with advanced tools to enhance community event management for government teams. Create a streamlined event experience for your organization and its attendees with:

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Effortless Ticketing

Simplify event registration with integrated, paper-free payment processing.

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Real-Time Financial Tracking

Monitor real-time revenue insights for empowered decision-making.

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Flexible Payment Options

Accept diverse payment options to accommodate every attendee.

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Mobile Optimization

Facilitate easy payments and check-ins for a seamless mobile experience.

With CORE, efficiency meets innovation for an easier experience in every step of your event management process.

How It Works: Event Management with CORE

A CORE Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start by creating your event on the CORE platform, which allows you to input event details, ticket types, contract or compliance data, and registration information. 
  2. Tailor the campaign to meet the unique needs of your event and community with customizable solutions designed to align with your specific requirements.
  3. Streamline payments with CORE’s integrated payment processing that allows attendees to use a variety of payment and registration methods. 
  4. Offer effortless ticketing, reservations, and registration for a user-friendly experience for event organizers and community members. 
  5. Stay informed about your event’s financial health with live reports and analytics to help you make in-the-moment informed decisions and adjustments. 
  6. Make payments and check-ins a breeze with mobile optimization for day-of convenience, including contactless payments, mobile ticketing, and registration. 
  7. Enjoy a secure payment and registration experience from start to finish with enhanced security protocols and expedited services. 

Integrate CORE with Existing Systems

Rely on established systems? CORE integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure for a smooth transition that preserves efficiency.

CORE Features

CORE empowers city and council managers with a suite of tailored features.

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Dedicated Dashboards

Experience comprehensive control and oversight over all transactions with custom dashboards.

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Automated Receipts and Refunds

Generate receipts automatically with instant documentation and experience automated refunds for hassle-free transactions.

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Data Security

Prioritize the security of sensitive data with encryption, compliance, and privacy measures that maintain the integrity of all transactions.

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Enhanced Citizen Engagement

Foster trust with your community with features and tools that create meaningful, user-friendly experiences.

Why CORE for Community Managers

Our platform offers a host of features to transcend financial excellence to: 

  • Elevate financial transactions between citizens and the public sector
  • Provide a modernized payment experience
  • Empower government finance teams
  • Offer a catalyst for organizational growth and prosperity

CORE stands by community managers, helping redefine financial management practices for a better experience today and whatever tomorrow holds for your agency. 

Case Study

CVCA | UT: Worry-Free Digital Ticketing Made Easy

See how CORE helped the Cache Valley Cruise-In team in Utah transform event management for regional events by transforming the payment experience.

Transform Community Event Management with CORE

With all the features you and your citizens want, CORE revolutionizes the management of your municipality’s events and services.

For greater engagement and higher revenue, discover CORE

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