CORE’s Secure Payment Solutions

The digital world is rapidly evolving and so are your residents’ expectations regarding your payment experience. Are you keeping up?

For government agencies, the payment experience must meet the needs of your organization and the citizens you serve.

Today’s best-in-class payment solutions streamline invoice, billing, and reconciliation processes with powerful tools to facilitate quicker, safer transactions—for in-person and online payment experiences. These secure payment solutions also improve efficiency in your revenue cycle to accelerate processing, enhance payment security, and engage your citizens by meeting them where they are.

CORE offers secure payment solutions you and your constituents can trust.

Secure Payment Solutions Built for Organizational Efficiency

Your constituents need a flexible, accessible payment experience that feels not only intuitive and familiar, but reliable and secure as well. CORE’s robust, secure payment solutions allow agencies and organizations to offer enhanced security with user-friendly features for better experiences at every transaction stage.

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Fully Integrated, Always Connected

CORE’s secure, full-service platform smooths processes by keeping everything connected and accessible from one central location.

Simplify every stage of payment processing. From payment acceptance to reconciliation, secure processing enables full-service revenue cycle management.

Improve efficiency and accuracy within your agency. Flexible, multi-system software creates an effortless workflow for every team member.

Utilize single-source consolidation. An easy-to-use dashboard places all relevant information in a single, visible place.

Access contextualized data with ease. Always-available data insights make it simple to analyze the bigger picture quickly.

Comprehensive, Secure Management

CORE processes put every aspect of full-service revenue management under one umbrella.

Maintain system-wide security across your enterprise. Each process is integrated and user-friendly between departments and functions without compromising security.

Accelerate receivable turnover. Receiving payments is efficient with easy messaging features, including automated reminders and notifications.

Ensure more accurate reconciliation. Reconciliation mistakes due to human error are minimized with automatic processes.

View real-time revenue reports and insights. Custom reporting delivers real-time data in a format tailored to your agency’s immediate needs.

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Seamless Resident Engagement

CORE’s secure payment solution offers engagement tools for a citizen-first experience that keeps the relationship behind every transaction in clear focus.

Give citizens multiple payment options. With several digital payment options, residents can access the solutions they trust and prefer.

Improve the individual account experience. Accessible payment histories, invoice details, and automatic payment options improve the transaction experience for both sides.

Communicate easily with government consumers. Digital invoices, reminders, and payment confirmations make constituent communication fast and easy.

Manage event resources in one platform. Plan and execute successful events from start to finish, from small meetings to ticketed community events.

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