CORE Solutions

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  • Payments: Secure, Full Service
  • Integration: Flexible, Multiple Systems
  • Consolidation: Single-source, Full View
  • Data: Accessible, Contextual
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  • Revenue: Safe, Full service
  • Collection: Messaging, Timely Receivables
  • Reconciliation: Simplify, Ensure Accuracy
  • Reporting: Real-Time Insights
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  • Channels: Multiple Payment Settings
  • Consumer: Content Management
  • Communication: Notifications, Reminders
  • Resource Management: Ticketing, Events
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  • Integrations to hundreds of different systems.
  • Reconciliation all-the-way to the bank.
  • Insights delivered through modern configurable reporting.
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  • Support for all major payment methods and more.
  • Omni-channel payments: let your customer pay how and when they like.
  • Fully managed PCI compliance and security that exceeds the highest industry standards.
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Consumer Engagement
  • Bring all your departments together in a single on-line space with our CMS solution.
  • Manage events, queueing, ticketing, and resources with our event management platform.
  • Engage with your customers in other ways that matter to them: bill reminders, e-Wallet, notifications, on-line information presentation, and more.
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  • Deep information-powered payment experiences
  • Multi-departmental revenue collections at POS
  • Online enterprise-wide payment portal
  • Real-time insights at your fingertips
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Automated Reconciliation
  • Improves the quality and accuracy of financial data
  • Faster month-end closes through efficiency and standardization
  • Greater visibility and improved transparency
  • Simplified reporting in a unified interface
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Merchant Services
  • Replace costly relationships with a single solution that connects to multiple billing and ERP systems.
  • Eliminate the hassle of working with card brands, processors, and banks through our secure payment gateway.
  • Get better service. Other merchant services solutions don’t recognize what’s unique about your business – we do.