The Utility of Exhibiting at CS Week

Operating a utility adds layers of complexity that can be daunting for local governments. One especially complex layer? Customer engagement. An online payment platform that lacks ease of use, delivers suboptimal EBPP, and needs more merchant services options results in less customer engagement, lost revenue, and weakened reputation. It thus made sense for CORE to … Read more

All’s Well That’s Sourcewell

Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing

An RFP is not fun for anybody to respond to. It is not fun to develop either. More than a time-consuming document to write, it is a time-consuming process. Under increasing pressure to achieve goals and reduce costs, oftentimes, RFPs require more time to create, process, and manage. On the other hand, cooperative purchasing agreements … Read more

What is Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment (EBPP)?

man purchasing electronically

When bills need to get paid, companies have a couple of options for collecting. They can go the old school route and send bills via mail or online and receive electronic payments. Or, there is another option called electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP), and it allows companies to collect payments through the internet on … Read more

How Government Can Build a Future-Ready, Customer-First Payment Experience

Don’t forget to download the free guides, checklists, and assessments created as part of our government payment experience series: Pay Their Way—A Constituent Billing and Payment Experience Checklist How to Improve Adoption of Your New Digital Payment Option The Ultimate Constituent Payment Experience Questionnaire Physical-to-Digital Payment Experience Transition Checklist How to Reduce the Risk of … Read more

4 Ways to Improve Patient Collections

The importance of patient financial responsibility in healthcare—and its significance to hospital revenue models—is unlikely to decrease, and may become even greater. Read more about the true cost of patient payment collections. It’s vital for healthcare facilities to implement more successful methods of collecting on patient self-pay accounts. Consider these four best practices for improving … Read more