Strengthening Payment Security: Government Fraud Detection for Compliance Managers and Auditors

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City and county government institutions bear the responsibility of careful management—and protection—of public funds. With secure payment systems in place, your institutions can bolster stewardship of public resources, ensuring funds are used effectively and for their intended purpose.  Still, payment fraud is a concern in every sector, and the stakes for government organizations are especially … Read more

7 Best Practices for Preventing Government Fraud in Payments

As pillars of the public, government organizations contribute to the stability and functionality of society, ensuring citizens receive necessary support, protection, and opportunities for growth.  Digital payments are now an integral piece of the government financial landscape. As governments strive to deliver services to the public as efficiently as possible, the need for robust security … Read more

The Benefits and Challenges of a Government ERP Payment System

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With the ever-growing shift toward digital transactions, the need for governments to implement more extensive front- and back-end system integration is clear. The presence of outdated legacy and manual, error-prone payment processing systems only underscores this reality.  Government enterprise resource planning (ERP) payment systems arise to confront these challenges. Here is everything you need to … Read more