Cashiering & In-Person Payments

Redefine transactions with effortless in-person payment processing.

CORE revolutionizes cash management for government finance departments across the board. With adaptable configurations and efficient revenue management features, our user-friendly platform confronts hurdles with in-person payments head-on while ensuring compliance and seamless implementation at scale. Our tools empower governments to effortlessly modernize payment processing. 

Helping Governments Rise to the Challenges of Cashiering

Government finance departments face complexities when handling in-person payments, encountering challenges such as: 

  • Disparate systems
  • Strict compliance standards
  • Inefficient scalability 
  • Cumbersome reconciliation 

That’s where CORE comes in. Our SaaS-based, scalable cashiering solution is the answer to simplifying revenue management. We design our solutions to meet the unique requirements of government finance departments. 

CORE streamlines in-person payment processing with powerful, easy-to-use tools that elevate efficiency and citizen trust. 

Unexpected revenue spikes
Sudden revenue drops 
Incongruent data against financial records
Potential data entry inconsistencies

CORE’s Key Features and Benefits

CORE leverages sleek features to unlock seamless in-person payment processing.

graphic showing multiple ways to make payments

Flexible Configuration for In-Person Transactions

Tailor transactions with customizable settings to accommodate various over-the-counter payment scenarios and adapt to evolving policies and regulations.

graphic representing payment portals for use by citizens

Enhanced User Experience for In-Person Payments

Modernize interactions with a simplified interface that caters to cashiers and customers alike, augmented by accessibility features that ensure inclusivity for all users.

dashboard for real-time financial tracking graphic

Efficient Revenue Management

Integrate seamlessly with point-of-sale systems for swift transactions and access real-time tracking and reporting for unparalleled visibility into each revenue cycle stage.

Special Considerations for Modernized In-Person Payments

Our approach maintains a sharp focus on the intricacies of in-person transactions.

Compliance and Security Measures

Government agencies can stay ahead of the curve with CORE’s stringent adherence to regulations and PCI standards. Cutting-edge security protocols safeguard payment data and protect the integrity of every transaction.

Integration with Existing Cashiering Systems

CORE addresses the vulnerabilities of integrating systems. The platform merges seamlessly with legacy systems and hardware to ensure compatibility while scaling to meet the needs of expanding transaction volumes.

Wide-Ranging Payment Processes

CORE accepts full or partial payments across all tender types, integrating with individual departments and your general ledger. Consolidated systems optimize self-service, back-office, and in-person payment processing for rapid transactions at all levels.

CORE Support and Assistance

CORE offers in-house assistance to ensure smooth operation: 

  • Access dedicated assistance with in-person payment processing. 
  • Utilize our in-house merchant services and customer support for immediate help. 
  • Receive on-site training tailored to those handling over-the-counter payments. 
  • Lean on technical support for hardware and software integration. 

Ongoing maintenance and updates are at your department’s fingertips:

  • Stay current with regular software updates and patch management. 
  • Benefit from proactive monitoring to ensure system stability. 
  • Use performance tools to resolve issues before they impact operations. 

Implement CORE’s Cashiering Solutions for Streamlined In-Person Payment Processes

CORE empowers your agency to thrive in the digital age with solutions to streamline every aspect of in-person payments and cashiering processes. Our advanced platform offers a secure, centralized hub for managing transactions, all powered by customizable features you can tailor to your agency’s unique needs.

Join the ranks of leading government agencies revolutionizing payment processes today. Let CORE enhance your payment processes with secure, centralized cashiering solutions for every step of citizen payment and engagement.