Cashiering Solutions

Leverage the power of simplified reconciliation.

Bringing the end-of-day batch reconciliation is easy when you only have a single department or two to balance. At the enterprise level it’s an incredibly time-consuming task. CORE, our SaaS-based, scalable cashiering solution is designed to simplify revenue management.

An enterprise-wide solution to satisfy the needs of specific departments or the organization, CORE’s cashiering solution modernizes connected experiences across the enterprise by enabling visibility into every step of payment and engagement activities.

Highly Flexible to Meet Your Unique Needs

One of the key features of CORE’s enterprise payment processing solution is its flexibility. You can configure the solution to match business requirements as they change. Fee calculations and revenue allocation are easily modified.

Both our customers and their end users will have the ability to view their accounts and make payments. The solution provides a flexible and scalable configuration, secure payment processing, and ease of use.

Simplify Revenue Management with Enterprise Payment Processing Solutions

  • Accept full or partial payments across all tender types while connecting to individual departments as well as your general ledger.
  • Consolidate processes and systems focused on in-person, self-service, and back-office processing.
  • Engage with our in-house merchant services and customer support experts to drive immediate impact
  • Take advantage of various closing/reconciliation times and procedures to facilitate rapid end of day reconciliation for the individual cashier, office, and organizational level

Let CORE’s enterprise payment solutions centralize the collection process with a secure and single point of entry for your payments.