Pharmacy Payment Processing Software

Understanding the nature of healthcare payments. CORE knows the difference.

Taking payments at the pharmacy is vastly different than accepting traditional retail payment for goods or services. Knowing what comprises these payments is how CORE thrives with our healthcare industry customers.

Have you known someone who has had a payment declined while making a payment at the pharmacy? In some cases the reason may be due to the payment system or processor being used.

At CORE we know your system needs to support Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Spending Accounts (HSA) to process payments correctly. That’s why CORE is here to help with our pharmacy payment processing software.

To be setup correctly you need two things:

  • Eligible Merchant Category Code (MCC) number that defines the pharmacy as a healthcare provider
  • Qualify and certify for either the IIAS or 90/10 Certification

There is also a necessary registration process (SIGIS) to accept health benefit cards. We’re here to help you by ensure that your merchant processing account is setup correctly from the beginning based on your industry.

Going beyond pharmacy payment processing

With CORE, we’re not just your pharmacy payment processor, we are your partner. Our customer success and professional services teams put your needs first. We delight our customers by reducing expenses and increasing revenues for our pharmacy customers by providing HIPAA-compliant solutions that increase payment collections in a completely secure and reliable environment.

Payment options that meets expectations

Providing a digital experience for your patients and customers is important to meet them where they are in payment technology. Is your system EMV and NFC contactless compatible? Even if your pharmacy is already processing credit cards, every business needs to make sure it does so securely.

CORE can meet the industry requirements you have and deliver a new checkout experience they won’t forget with our pharmacy point of sale software and omnichannel solution that works with your current system to provide:

  • Integrated payments
  • Functionality specific to pharmacies
  • Comprehensive and aggregated reporting 
  • Gift card processing
  • Security throughout the entire payments ecosystem
  • Next-day funding

CORE Case Studies

Explore the success stories of organizations leveraging CORE’s payment processing and revenue management suite

“As part of the project team on the client side, I am very excited about the potential for richer programming, configuration and interoperability that will be afforded to us with CORE.”