Payment Processing Solutions

Why Choose CORE for Your Payment Processing and Reporting Needs?

We provide best-in-class payment processing solution and a consumer engagement platform that increases profitability while reducing costs. At CORE we meet enterprises where they are and take them where they want to be.

We have Years of experience providing merchant services to the Government, Healthcare and Education sectors. Accept all major payment types including contactless Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®

Keeping You and Your Customers Secure Day and Night

CORE is a Level 1 Service Provider that utilizes the industry’s leading electronic authorization applications, service networks and processors, all of whom are compliant with both the PCI and PA Data Security Standards and who are annually validated as mandated by all the card payment networks. Fraud protection and risk management are at the CORE of our business. We secure your transactions, so you and your constituents can rest easy.

We take a consultative approach to examine our customer’s historical payment acceptance issues and/or challenges to remove any negative impacts from improper account setup or pricing complexities to help you better manage your enterprise.

We Have Your Enterprise Covered

Our payment processing software solution has multiple connection points to the industry’s leading processors for payment cards and electronic check transactions which provides us with the ability to compete with the largest financial institutions.

Our merchant credit card terminal has been providing credit/debit card and electronic check processing services since the early 2000’s. Collectively, we have processed billions in volume over the years and have served large organizations throughout the United States in the most cost-effective way available.

Flexible Funding Models for Any Business

At CORE, we have extensive experience managing multiple fee-based models based on a firm understanding of the Card Association rules & regulations. Our payment platform supports the assessment of Convenience Fees or Service Fees based upon business rules/transaction types.

Our flexible merchant processing resource supports merchant-funded and convenience/service fee models. Depending on your business or agency’s unique needs, departments will have the ability to select a model best suited to achieve their financial goals.

Having the flexibility of various fee models helps create cost-neutral processing where it makes the most sense for our customers.

  • Convenience Fee Model
  • Service Fee Model
  • Absorbed Fee Model
  • Utility Fee Model
  • Shared Fee Model
  • Max Fee Model
  • Usage Fee Model

We provide next-day funding, so you’ll have deposits promptly for reconciliation.

Secure Merchant Payment Processing Resource

CORE’s centralized, cloud-based payment and consumer engagement platform provides unmatched transaction security for your organization. Our Payment technology utilizing EMV, encryption and tokenization completely removes sensitive card data from your internal systems, significantly reducing your PCI scope.

CORE’s hosted payment processing solution supports secure omnichannel payments, so you have peace of mind day or night. With the payments landscape changing at a rapid pace, let CORE manage your payment processing needs.

Not Just Customers

At CORE, we view our customers as partners to bring exceptional value and trust. With over 30 years of providing merchant services payment processing and reporting, we have the tools and expertise to deliver the insights and value you need to optimize the payment experience for your constituents. From receipt to reconciliation, we provide transparent, real-time reporting and analytics to improve your bottom line.

24/7 Consolidated Merchant Reporting Tool

For organizations handling payments from multiple channels, there are numerous components that need to be segmented and monitored across various departments creating reconciliation challenges. CORE’s consolidated merchant reporting tool provides one common point of audit and control and allows users to report on all tender types.

At CORE, our expertise is supporting multiple systems and integrations to streamline your end-of-day processes and reporting.

Seamless Onboarding and Full-Service Solution

As one of the leading merchant service providers in the industry, CORE can help you deliver a digital payments experience to your constituents. The numbers are clear, the COVID-19 accelerated digitalization in payments.Being agile in your response to this transformation will solidify increased payment acceptance and adoption. CORE can manage payment acceptance from start to finish allowing you to be more proactive in growing your business. Our merchant services platform provides:
  • Sponsorship into the card brand networks and ACH processing networks
  • Creation, registration & ongoing maintenance of your merchant accounts
  • Configuration, setup and deployment of front-end processing technology, hardware and solution
  • Real-time card transaction routing, processing, and authorization services
  • Real-time ACH Bank Routing & Bank Account verification services
  • Transaction dispute management services
  • Detailed reporting tools and reconciliation services

How Payment Processing Works

Give Your Customers A Digital Payment Experience

Enhance your customer experience with CORE’s payment processing solutions. At CORE, we help take enterprises from where they are, to where they want to be. Click below to learn how we can help you increase profitability and reduce costs with our best-in-class payment processing software and reporting solution.

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