Registered Payment Facilitation Services

Payments are complicated. With CORE, they don’t have to be!

As an innovative merchant services provider, CORE has been processing fast, frictionless ACH and Card transactions for decades. We are also a registered Payment Facilitator with the Card Associations, including the Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card brands.

Since the introduction of the payment facilitation model by Mastercard and Visa in 2010 and 2011, respectively, CORE has been a leader in providing enhanced payment processing services that complement our domain experience and comprehensive payment platform.

Through this model, the CORE platform modernizes the ability to systemically build, customize and generate new merchant accounts in a near real-time capacity, and provide near real-time Merchant Account maintenance.

How do registered payment facilitator services work?

CORE is able to apply for numerous Master Merchant IDs (MIDs) with the credit card networks. Once approved, direct Sub-Merchant agreements can be executed on behalf of client merchants, which roll-up to the Master Merchant. In some cases, this removes the requirement for merchants to have their own Merchant ID.

More than payment acceptance

CORE not only processes our Sub-Merchant’s payment transactions, but also offers additional client services and benefits, such as:

  • Merchant Account (MID) Underwriting & Onboarding
  • Fee-Based Payment Processing Consultation
  • Third-Party System and Processor Integrations
  • PCI Compliance Guidance & Consultation
  • Consultative Payment Services
  • Risk & Compliance Consultation
  • Consolidated, Centralized Reporting and Resolution