Tailored PCI Compliance Solutions for Government Comptrollers & Auditors

With advanced PCI compliance solutions, CORE’s modernized payment platform enables comptrollers and auditors to adapt to the evolving landscape of digital transactions.

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Secure, Compliant Payment Solutions with CORE

CORE offers cutting-edge payment, revenue management, and consumer engagement software to enhance security and efficiency for government organizations. CORE’s payment solutions help maintain integrity in transactions, safeguarding sensitive data and improving workflows for numerous roles in financial management. 

CORE specifically engineers its streamlined payment solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of government agencies and their budget and finance teams.

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CORE for Government Finance Directors, Comptrollers, & Auditors

Government finance employees, including comptrollers and auditors, are responsible for upholding robust security protocols that meet specific regulatory requirements regarding sensitive data. With tailored PCI compliance solutions, these teams can securely and efficiently address their legal obligations while enhancing operational efficiency.

CORE offers built-in compliance expertise, workflow automation, real-time visibility, and tailored analytics. Our solutions help government finance professionals navigate their responsibilities with confidence and unprecedented effectiveness.

CORE Features

Our payment and engagement software offers comprehensive solutions to address role-based security challenges for government finance employees.

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Efficient Financial Management

A centralized system facilitates transparent, up-to-date, and easily accessible processes for more accurate budgeting, accounting, and reporting.

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Data Encryption

Security through advanced encryption safeguards data and ensures confidentiality.

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Custom Reporting and Analytics

Customized reports offer a deeper look into financial trends, budget allocation, and data analytics for more effective revenue management.

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Access Controls

Defined user permissions allow tailored access levels to restrict sensitive data to only authorized personnel.

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PCI Compliance Standards

Specialized features prioritize PCI compliance solutions to ensure data security and legal adherence to industry and regulatory standards.

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Real-Time Audit Trail Visibility

Transparency in transactions and system activity provides real-time views to instantaneously monitor and track financial activity.

Benefits for Government Comptrollers & Auditors

CORE’s integrated payment processing software solutions promote financial efficiency.

Improved Financial Control

CORE’s solutions empower government finance professionals with cohesive, streamlined tools to monitor, analyze, and maintain accuracy in public funds management.

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Automated Processes

CORE’s automated processing features, including reconciliation, integrate each revenue cycle stage, significantly reducing financial errors and discrepancies.

Enhanced Citizen Engagement

CORE enriches engagement between governments and their constituents with user-friendly interfaces and various payment options to streamline transactions on both ends.
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PCI-Compliant Solutions

CORE helps government finance teams adhere to stringent security measures with PCI compliance solutions that protect data and satisfy regulatory requirements.

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CORE Case Studies

Discover real-world insights where government teams have transformed their operations with the help of CORE.

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CORE delivers enhanced oversight of government finances with a comprehensive framework for financial control. Learn how to transform your financial operations' trajectory with CORE’s innovative payment solutions.

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