Integrated Kiosk Payment Solutions Software

Automate collections around the clock with a self-service kiosk payment solution from CORE.

With an integrated kiosk solution, you can accelerate contactless, self-service payment acceptance 24/7 for cash, checks and debit/credit cards. More and more businesses are seeking additional payment channels to make bill payments more convenient for their customers.

CORE’s secure and configurable kiosk helps you boost engagement and digital payments with touchscreen interfaces that are easy to use and ADA compliant.

CORE plays well with others

By providing a multi-lingual, self-service bill payment option, your organization can speed up the line, reducing wait times and providing a frictionless customer experience. Customers can pay a variety of bills for utilities, taxes, permits and more when it’s convenient for them avoiding any late payment fees and ensuring revenue is captured on time.

Our indoor/outdoor kiosk payment solutions are PCI compliant, and all transaction data is fully encrypted. In addition to payments, our kiosk solution can give you a platform for promotions, messaging and products & services.

The possibilities are endless with our kiosk software solution

  • Facilitate bill payments all day, every day
  • Place kiosks indoors, outdoors, or both
  • Accept cash payments
  • Assist customers in multiple languages
  • Accept credit card, debit card, and ACH payments
  • Requires no interaction with customer service agents
  • Instant payment posting
  • Inclusion and accessibility for underbanked or unbanked consumers

Kiosks provides a great payment channel alternative for those individuals who want to pay with cash or may be resistant to sharing their account information online. 

Lower your costs, improve payment accuracy and security with CORE. With over 30 years in the payments industry, we certainly know how to bring connected systems like kiosks, to bring total payment flexibility to your customers.

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