Comprehensive Revenue Reporting Solution

CORE’s payment and engagement platform enables you to meet all of your standard reporting requirements with real-time insights through it’s dynamic report generator software. Allowing for the configuration of reporting parameters most important to your organization and the ability to save report templates for future use, the possibilities are unlimited. Available report criteria include transaction and tender type, bank deposit and reconciliation, card settlement, and more.

Unlock the power of your data

Report generators allow for the configuration of reporting parameters and the saving of the report criteria for future use. CORE’s report generator software is a payment and revenue reporting tool that provides the ability for the client to select from multiple reporting templates and to configure reports based on parameters such as transaction type, data elements, users, workgroups and more.

In addition to providing comprehensive reporting to support your daily reconciliation and on-going payment processing needs, the CORE platform also maintains secure, detailed logs of all user activity to track system access and audit activity across your enterprise.

Real-Time Research, Reporting, And Automated Reconciliation Is Readily Available At Your Fingertips With CORE’s Reporting Solutions.

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