ACH and eCheck Payment Solutions by CORE

Effortless payment processing tailored for government finance departments.

CORE revolutionizes payment solutions by delivering intuitive ACH and eCheck capabilities. Our user-friendly platform handles the complexities of government cashiering with efficiency, compliance, and adaptability.

Accessing our platform can help your agency increase revenue, better manage compliance, and enhance citizen relationships.

Addressing In-Person Payment Challenges

Government finance teams face various payment complexities with in-person payments, such as: 

  • Managing multiple payment systems
  • Upholding compliance with strict standards
  • Overseeing scalability issues
  • Navigating reconciliation difficulties

CORE was built with these challenges in mind. Our SaaS-based payment solution simplifies revenue management based on the unique demands of your department. 

CORE’s Key Features and Benefits

Expect simple and powerful features that deliver efficient in-person payment processing.

graphic showing multiple ways to make payments

Flexible Configuration for In-Person Transactions

Customize settings to handle various payment scenarios.

graphic representing payment portals for use by citizens

Enhanced User Experience

The interface improves interactions for both cashiers and customers.

dashboard for real-time financial tracking graphic

Efficient Revenue Management

Streamline POS integration and gain real-time tracking and reporting.

Special Considerations for ACH & eCheck Payment Processing

CORE injects ACH and eCheck solutions, keeping the intricacies of government payment processing in mind.

Compliance and Security

Don’t let security & PCI compliance slow you down. CORE’s secure payment solutions handle privacy, confidentiality, and non-compliance matters so you can focus on what matters.

Integration with Existing Systems

Break down silos and accelerate payments. CORE connects with your agency’s software for a seamless revenue cycle. This enables you to speed up collections and elevate revenue.

Wide-Ranging Payment Processes

Meet citizens where they are. Make and receive electronic payments (ACH) directly from bank accounts, offering a secure and efficient option for both full and partial payments.

See How Others Succeed with CORE

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn how government finance departments have successfully leveraged the CORE platform.

CORE Support and Assistance

Our team provides in-house support so your transition into the CORE platform runs smoothly: 

  • Access to dedicated assistance
  • In-house merchant services 
  • Onsite training and support 
  • Technical support for integrations

In addition, stay ahead of the curve with ongoing maintenance needs:

  • Stay current with software updates
  • Receive proactive monitoring 
  • Use performance tools to resolve issues quickly 

Simplify Your In-Person Payment Processing

Government payment options are all too often stuck in the past. Our platform strives to place innovative tools in the hands of public service employees.

CORE’s modernized platform streamlines eCheck and ACH payment processing solutions. Begin creating a safer and simpler payment experience for your citizens and agency.