How to Unlock Hidden Insights in Your Government Agency’s Revenue Report

Professional analyzing detailed revenue data on a computer while taking notes in a modern office setting.

For government agencies, a revenue report is not just a financial document. It’s a strategic tool to guide budgetary decisions, resource allocation, and long-term government planning—ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency of government operations.  Despite the breadth of information in revenue reports, agencies often face challenges in interpreting and leveraging this data effectively. Varying report … Read more

A Prescription for Improving the Hospital Pharmacy Revenue Cycle

Robbie and Shea at HCP22 Spring Conference

Hospital pharmacy revenue cycle management is more than easy payment processing and accurate reconciliation. It is critical for reporting patient prescription dispense as directed under legal, industry, and business compliance regulations.  Last month, Robbie Niedergall, Senior Vice President, Sales; Pierre Dupuis, VP Strategic Accounts & Channels; and I met with hospital pharmacy professionals at HCP22 Spring … Read more

What the Heck Is PCI-DSS v4.0?

PCI-DSS v4.0

Customer expectations for payment experiences have evolved over time to become what is standard today – simple, fast, and secure. On the other hand, those tasked with generating revenue and maintaining compliance expect reconciliation, reporting, and applications to be secure, accurate, and modern. Despite information security and regulatory compliance leading payer and stakeholder trust requirements … Read more

How Can Automated Payment Reconciliation Help Your Revenue Management?

Man doing manual payment reconciliation

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization. Accurate record-keeping on your end only goes so far because there may be errors on your bank’s end or extra fees or taxes that are more difficult to track and manage.   Payment reconciliation can help make sense of your organization’s accounts payable and receivable operations. Here’s your … Read more

What is a Payment Facilitator (Payfac)?

credit card payment facilitator abstract

Payment facilitators make it faster, cheaper, and easier to process payments. Find out more about how using a payment facilitator can:  What Is a Payments Facilitator?  A payment facilitator, also known as a PayFac, is a sub-merchant account for a merchant service provider.  This sounds complicated, but at the most basic level, a payments facilitator … Read more

How Does Payment Processing Work? 

Close up of card payment between customer and bartender in cafe

While the credit card payment process may seem to take place instantaneously, a lot happens behind the scenes to ensure the payment is accurate and delivered on time. Discover who is involved in each step of the credit card transaction process and how payment processing works. Who Participates in Processing Credit Card Payments? In a … Read more

4 Revenue Reporting Metrics to Improve Government Revenue Cycle Management

Woman preparing a revenue management report

Revenue reporting helps government institutions like yours track, identify, collect, and manage incoming payments for services provided. Its purpose is to help your team gain thorough understanding of your organization’s revenue and financial status.  But how does RCM provide valuable information to aid teams in making data-driven decisions?  The answer lies in revenue cycle management … Read more

Increase time-to-payment and overall collections with the right automation

The manual processing of invoices is slow and manually-tasking: from the moment they arrive they need to be processed, coded and submitted for approval before being manually entered into the system-of-record or ERP system. Data entry errors are common and invoices easily misplaced or overlooked. It’s no surprise that invoice processing remains a manual process … Read more

What Is Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in the Healthcare Industry?

healthcare revenue cycle management concept

Revenue cycle management (RCM) refers to an institution’s financial management process that helps track, identify, collect, and manage incoming payments. This helps businesses foster financial transparency within the company and charge patients the correct amount for the services and healthcare they receive. In healthcare, the definition of revenue cycle management remains the same. It is … Read more

How Government Can Build a Future-Ready, Customer-First Payment Experience

Don’t forget to download the free guides, checklists, and assessments created as part of our government payment experience series: As we wrap our series on adding ease, convenience, and speed to government payments, creating a future-ready and customer-first payment experience, it’s clear that payment trends and constituent expectations are going digital, getting broader, and focused … Read more