Utility Payment Processing: A Resource Guide for Meeting Evolving Expectations

October 24, 2022

Living in a rapidly progressing digital age can be challenging. Across every industry, there’s a shift in customer expectations regarding payment processing options. For government organizations, the age-old reliance on a paper payment system design doesn’t cut it anymore.

Modern utility payment processing provides a way to solve this issue and better serve your constituents. Here, we’ve gathered a list of our best resources on the topic for further reading and education.

4 Steps to Build a Customer-Focused Payment Experience: A Government Guide

A customer-focused experience is essential in business and is no different for government organizations. Offering a constituent-focused experience is just as important, especially when those constituents are casting votes and making government payments.

In this guide, read about the four steps to building a customer-focused payment experience for government organizations.
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The Ultimate Payment Constituent Experience Questionnaire

You want to learn the truth about how your constituents view your current processes and experience. To do that, send this questionnaire to your constituents through a digital communication channel at least once a year.

When compiling the data, you’ll gain insight into what your finance office is doing right and where it can improve.
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How Digitizing Processes Boosts Engagement with Constituents

Many citizens are accustomed to shopping online. They book appointments, file taxes, and pay bills online, too. This is why many local governments are implementing digital transformation and aiming for innovation.

Digitizing your processes will boost engagement with constituents when executed correctly.
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How Government Can Build a Future-Ready, Customer-First Payment Experience

Citizens are leveraging digital payment systems in nearly every area of their lives. They want a convenient way to pay, and governments can use digital payment systems to allow for that level of flexibility.

Internally, this is an especially productive shift because leveraging integrated and automated payment systems can alleviate stress on your financial department. Learn how to get started in this article.
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Creating a Future-Ready City

Both local and state governments are working to create additional value for their citizens. This is accomplished through developing a strong sense of resilience.

Learn how communities and leaders are doing that by embracing technological advances and a collaborative vision of the future.
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A Constituent Billing and Payment Experience Checklist

The constituent bill payment processing system is often outdated. The nature of the changing digital landscape means having a limited number of payment options isn’t enough.

With this checklist, assess and score your billing and checkout experience while comparing it to a best-in-class payment system.
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Is Your Payment Processing System Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Your Customers?

We are living in an experience era. This means it’s more critical than ever to meet your residents where they are. Your constituents expect integrated experiences and seamless payments, but how can you know whether or not your current system is delivering on those fronts?

In this article, learn what it means to attract, engage, and retain your customers with a modern utility payment processing system.

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Secure Payment Systems: Finding the Right One for Your Constituents

Working with government payments demands a high level of security and compliance from your system to protect your department and citizens adequately. This makes finding the right one an essential process.

Learn more about your options in this eBook.

How CORE Helps You Modernize Payments to Increase Constituent Engagement

If you’re looking for a payment solution, revenue management, and consumer engagement software that ticks all the boxes, check out CORE’s offerings.

CORE is committed to helping the modern government office deliver seamless utility payment processing, facilitate revenue management, and strengthen consumer engagement.

Ready to Deliver Best-in-Class Payments?

The Definitive Guide to Modernizing the Government Payment Experience shared best practices to better engage your citizens.