How to Modernize Payment Processing for Government Organizations [An Integrated Solution]

March 17, 2023

The digital landscape is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. With each technological advancement, the world morphs into something new. Every industry is experiencing rapid change and needs to meet evolving customer expectations. 

One area that all businesses need to consider is their billing and payment systems, which are central to the user experience. Companies are adding flexibility to their payment processes in the private business sector, but what about government organizations

Handling sensitive financial data is an integral responsibility for any business, but since governments are uniquely accountable to taxpayers, they need advanced solutions with proven security. CORE provides modern payment processing for government organizations, helping you deliver a streamlined experience for your citizens. 

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

We provide advanced solutions with our professional payment processing for government organizations. This keeps systems modern and intuitive instead of cluttered and confusing. We have many payment channel options and provide the resources needed to manage those channels. 

Flexibility and scalability must work cohesively for an organization to implement a new payment system successfully. Our robust platform gives the convenience of flexible payment options (online, Text-2-Pay, mobile, and more) with the capability to scale based on need.

Seamless Payment Integration

CORE is working to revolutionize the payment experience and bring government organizations into a new age of digital solutions. We have over 400 integrations that make it simple and convenient to integrate our payment platform into your existing host systems. 

You won’t have to stop leveraging the power of your existing technology investments—instead, magnify their potential with an integrated payment platform. 

All-in-One Hosted Solution

Regarding security, CORE is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, a critical factor for governments. Your data is safe and secure because it never resides on any local system or network. Your citizens trust you with sensitive financial data; you can trust CORE to help guard it against fraud, data loss, or theft. Centralizing your billing, payment, reconciliation, and reporting processes can do wonders for your organization. 

Having an all-in-one platform can also make things easier for your internal teams. Manual payment processing for government organizations is time-consuming and leaves room for human error—CORE doesn’t. 

Save Money on the Cost of Invoices

Paper billing processes are outdated and challenging to work with—which comes at a cost to your government organization. 

Take the City of Davenport, Iowa, for example. They decided to implement CORE’s integrated payment solution and switch to digital billing processes. They estimate they’ve saved between 15-20% in invoicing (printing and mailing) costs since they started using CORE.

Increase Your Online Payments

Washington County, Utah, decided to implement CORE into its billing system, and in just three years, it increased online payments by 45%. CORE processed 80% of those payments.

This local government organization knows online payments make payment processing more efficient by automating bill payment systems and reducing wait times in the office. 

Radically Transform Your Digital Payment System

One of the best things about CORE is that it’s customizable. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s enterprise-grade software with advanced features capable of handling intensive workloads. 

Beaver County, Utah, leveraged these features and let each department set up a unique page specific to their fees and payment options. This level of customization has revolutionized Beaver County’s system and increased its online payments overall.  

Increase the Operational Efficiency of Tax Season

By switching to online payment gateways and digital payment options, your government organization can increase the operational efficiency of tax season. Considering this is often one of the most stressful times of the year for local governments, implementing a digital payment platform could be a game changer. 

Grand County, Utah, converted more constituents to paying online during tax season. They increased their online payments by 10x by using CORE’s capable system. 

Experience the Revolutionary Solution With CORE

CORE is a professional payment processing and revenue management platform that can revolutionize your existing systems. Payment processing for government organizations presents unique challenges you don’t find in the private sector, so you need software that knows how to solve your unique pain points.

Ready to Deliver Best-in-Class Payments?

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