A Prescription for Improving the Hospital Pharmacy Revenue Cycle

June 6, 2022

Hospital pharmacy revenue cycle management is more than easy payment processing and accurate reconciliation. It is critical for reporting patient prescription dispense as directed under legal, industry, and business compliance regulations. 

Last month, Robbie Niedergall, Senior Vice President, Sales; Pierre Dupuis, VP Strategic Accounts & Channels; and I met with hospital pharmacy professionals at HCP22 Spring Hospital Pharmacy Conference. Our goal? To gain a better understanding of their dispensary revenue systems. 

A couple highlights from those discussions could apply to your dispensary revenue system: 

  • PCI DSS compliance is more important than ever for protecting customer information. But manual billing errors may pose a larger threat. Such errors cause lost revenue, delayed payment, and customer dissatisfaction. Automation reduces billing errors and maintains consistency. 
  • Incorrect or incomplete data property mapping between disparate systems yields less reliable revenue data for optimal business decision-making. CORE’s consolidated approach works better.

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