Your Government Content Management System Solution

At CORE, we do more than design websites. Entrust us to strategize and define your government’s content management system, streamline digital payments, and grow citizen engagement.

CORE’s integrated and database-driven government content management system brings citizen engagement to a new level.

Not just a website design tool, CORE’s responsive and ADA-compliant platform delivers a government document and content management system that’s easy to edit and update without needing a developer.

Each department or division of your organization can create content and opportunities to engage with your customers.

Features & Benefits: Government Content Management Solutions

Our city management platform has features that offer ease, transparency, and security.

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User Experience

Intuitive, responsive interfaces allow users to easily navigate and access content without requiring extensive expertise, all in an environment that matches the look and feel of your brand.

graphic representing security and compliance

Accessibility & Compliance

Implemented accessibility standards ensure that digital content remains welcoming and accommodating to all users, in accordance with ADA regulations.

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Content Publishing & Updates

Efficient tools enable easy management, page and form editing, and publishing for timely, SEO-optimized content across multiple channels.

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Security Features

Advanced security features like tokenization and encryption safeguard information to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data in accordance with PCI compliance.

process automation graphic

Automated Processes

Workflow tools, like analytics and data tracking, form a cost-effective and efficient solution to reduce manual efforts, saving valuable time and resources.

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Scalability & Performance

As the needs of government agencies evolve, our integrated solution adapts for interoperability and consistent performance at every stage of growth.


We stand out as a leading provider of government content management systems, offering crucial advantages that set us apart. Here’s why.

Expertise in Government Website Management

Our team understands the intricacies of the public sector. We bring a wealth of experience tailored to the unique needs of government website management, ensuring that our solutions are technically advanced and align with the dynamic nature of the government landscape. 

When you choose CORE, you tap into a reservoir of knowledge dedicated to elevating your agency’s digital capabilities. 

Customer Support and Training

Every government agency is unique, so we prioritize personalized support and training. CORE assists you at every stage of the process, whether troubleshooting issues or addressing specific customization needs. Our goal is to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the potential of our solution, ensuring a smooth transition. 

At CORE, we’re invested in your success. Our deep understanding of government systems and responsive customer support make us your ideal partner for government content management.

How It Works

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Implementation Process

Implementing your government content management system is seamless with CORE.

Let’s collaborate to meet your goals

Our design process considers your needs from start to finish. When partnering with you for your government content management system, we focus on understanding your agency’s unique requirements. A website that’s easy to navigate facilitates visitors spending more time on your site, helping to solidify relationships, earn trust, and ultimately improve the payment experience.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing aside, CORE is a platform that is built to grow with the needs of the municipality/agency. Start simple and add more features and functionality as needed.

Pricing Options and Packages

Whether a small local agency or a larger entity, we know organizations of all sizes need an exceptional government content management system. Our flexible pricing options cater to the diverse needs of government organizations. We offer competitive pricing structures, so you can choose a plan that aligns with your needs.

Request Custom Quotes

Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that perfectly match your agency. If you have specific requirements, our team can create a customized quote based on the scope and specifications of your government content management system needs.

CORE Delivers

More than just keeping up appearances, your website functions as a tool to engage with potential customers and increase opportunity, we’re ready to increase your business productivity with our government content management system.

From content management to citizen engagement, and constituent request management to high-volume transactional processing, we have the solution. Whether you just need a payment form to match your existing website or you need an entire ticket management system, CORE delivers.

CORE Case Studies

Discover case studies demonstrating the efficacy of CORE’s custom web page design with integrated payment system.

“It's been a great experience working with CORE! Everyone did a great job and our website is exactly how we want it to be now—built to engage citizens and easy to update on the backend.”
Derek J. Muller

Streamline service requests with seamless communication and quick resolution.

Explore tools to organize and oversee your organization’s assets efficiently.

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