Integrated Payments to Accelerate Revenue

Manual data entry and reconciliation is exhausting, costly, and inefficient. Track every payment for every channel, from every device—starting from the first cash transaction to the last general ledger reconciliation, with CORE.

Inefficient systems can mean:

  • A lack of continuity across payment channels
  • Difficulty collecting revenue quickly
  • Costly processing fees
  • Unreliable systems

To meet evolving resident expectations, switch to an integrated payment platform.

Meet your customers where they are, and transcend your fragmented systems by leveraging CORE’s integrated payment solutions to accelerate revenue collection for your organization.

CORE’s system standardizes the collection, processing, and reconciliation of payments across the enterprise.

How CORE Helps Your Team

Bottlenecks in your payments process can dramatically restrict cash flow. CORE’s payment platform and services alleviate this battle.

icon depicting a government treasurer's role

For Treasurers

  • Ensure financial systems connect to automated procedures.
  • Manage accuracy in reconciliation to general ledgers and accounts.
  • Trace payments, transactions, and allotments consistently for audits and legal compliance.

For Budget & Finance Teams

  • Establish complete transparency for end-to-end transaction completion.
  • Track revenue for every dollar to ensure allocation accuracy.
  • Reduce cost, risk, and resources spent on manual data entry of payments.
  • Improve accuracy in granular reporting of end-to-end revenue.
  • Eliminate PCI-related risk and increase compliance management.
icon depicting the government comptroller's role

For Comptrollers

  • Reduce liability due to improper handling of PCI.
  • Improve revenue flow and increase collections.
  • Enable better reporting and granular reconciliation across multiple departments.
  • Control complexities due to manual data entry.

The Benefits of Integrated Payments

Brand continuity across all external-facing channels is critical. Your customers expect to run through your payment funnel without roadblocks (e.g., faulty systems, broken links, or long wait times.)

CORE’s integrated payment system design solves these pain points by reducing friction throughout the entire process.

Offer Flexible Payment Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions like mobile payments and Text-2-Pay streamline payments by providing flexible options. For government agencies supporting under and unbanked citizens, our in-person and over-the-counter payment solutions seamlessly integrate with your modern billing processes.

speed up billing processes

Speed Up Billing Processes

Using an integrated payment process can accelerate your cash flow by streamlining payment systems and offering modern e-billing solutions.

Leverage Automation to Decrease Error

Human error is all too real and disastrously common, and for every five manual data entries, at least two create an error. An automated, integrated digital system is more accurate and takes weight off your team’s shoulders. 

top level security

Top-Level Security

You don’t have to worry about security breaches and data theft. CORE exceeds the highest industry security standards and is PCI compliant. 

“We knew online payments would make processing payments much easier. It would mean fewer people in the office, less mail, etc. One of the key features we really like is the monthly automatic bill pay system. Our citizens just set up that payment to happen automatically each year, from month to month either on a monthly basis or once a year”
David Whitehead, Treasurer | Washington County - Utah

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