How Does Payment Processing Work?

paying for goods via credit card

While the credit card payment process may seem to take place instantaneously, a lot happens behind the scenes to ensure the payment is accurate and delivered on time. Discover who is involved in each step of the credit card transaction process and how payment processing works. Who Participates in Processing Credit Card Payments? In a … Read more

What Is an Electronic Billing System? [Your Guide to E-Billing]

woman making electronic payment with credit card

An electronic billing system, or e-billing system, processes online payments as electronic bills and payment submissions. Citizens can submit payments on their electronic devices and the payments are sent directly to the government agency who originally sent a bill. The entire e-billing process refers to billing, payment collection, and notifications sent to both the recipient … Read more

What Is EBPP? Exploring Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment Solutions

man purchasing electronically

Electronic billing presentment and payment (EBPP) is the process of electronically delivering bills or invoices to customers or constituents, allowing them to make payments online. EBPP conveniently enables government agencies to consolidate billing information into a single digital platform, combining invoice generation, delivery, and payment processing. Convenience is precisely what EBPP is designed for. When … Read more

Government Kiosk Payments for Secure, Convenient Transactions

government payment kiosk system

Modernization allows governments to stay in tune with the evolving expectations of their citizens, who increasingly expect convenient and efficient payment options. Utility payments, reservations, and application fees are key areas where kiosk payments are crucial in modernizing government service payments. Kiosk payments involve self-service machines or terminals in public spaces, allowing citizens to conveniently … Read more

What is Digital Transformation and Why Does it Matter?

Welcome to the new Age of Experience, where the interactions that a customer has with an enterprise is an extension of their brand and services. In recent years, enterprises have been under growing pressure to transform operations and invest in innovative technologies and processes to account for this digital shift. The need to adopt transformative … Read more

What is a Payment Facilitator (Payfac)?

credit card payment facilitator abstract

Payment facilitators make it faster, cheaper, and easier to process payments. Find out more about how using a payment facilitator can: What Is a Payments Facilitator? A payment facilitator, also known as a PayFac, is a sub-merchant account for a merchant service provider. This sounds complicated, but at the most basic level, a payments facilitator … Read more

Healthcare Payment Processing: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Patients’ Info Safe

Healthcare Payment Processing

Healthcare providers know that the commitment to keeping their patients’ information safe and secure is a top priority. Whether it’s medical, personal, or financial, data has been notoriously difficult to secure and protect—especially in today’s hyper-connected economy. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates the requirements for keeping patient data safe. Included in … Read more

What Are Recurring Payments and Why Should Your Business Have Them?

What Is A Recurring Payment

Many customers prefer to pay their bills on an automated, predictable schedule. If your business does not offer this level of automatic and recurring payments to ensure a customer-centric experience, this article presents the basics of what recurring payments are, how they work, and the benefits they offer to your business and your customers. What … Read more

What is a Virtual Terminal For Credit Card Processing? Everything You Need To Know

Virtual Terminal

The world of payment processing is shifting every day. With each new technological advance, merchants must accommodate the growing number of payment methods. Finding a credit card processing system that accepts all major credit cards and mobile payments while keeping costs down can be challenging. That’s where virtual terminal payment processing comes in. A virtual … Read more