4 Ways CORE and Sourcewell Ease the Buying Process for Government Technology

Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing

For more than 30 years, CORE has prioritized the government agency experience for payment processing and the citizen experience. As part of that mission, CORE seeks out partnerships that help ease the government agency purchasing process. Sourcewell—a self-sustaining government service cooperative—is one of those partners.  CORE works closely with Sourcewell because we share the same … Read more

Government Treasurers: Roles, Responsibilities, and Key Skills

Professional analyzing detailed revenue data on a computer while taking notes in a modern office setting.

A government’s treasury department can be a complex segment of the public sector, dictated not only by the necessity of sound financial planning but also by numerous regulations and a responsibility to the public. Government treasurers hold an essential role in the judicious management of municipal funds. A treasurer’s responsibility covers more than just bookkeeping … Read more

Strengthening Payment Security: Government Fraud Detection for Compliance Managers and Auditors

digital connection protection concept a young woman using a pen to choose a cybersecurity network lock internet technology and network icon privacy protection bright icon

City and county government institutions bear the responsibility of careful management—and protection—of public funds. With secure payment systems in place, your institutions can bolster stewardship of public resources, ensuring funds are used effectively and for their intended purpose.  Still, payment fraud is a concern in every sector, and the stakes for government organizations are especially … Read more

What Are Digital Payments? An In-Depth Look at Digital Payment Services

Digital Payments

Digital payments are integral to modern financial systems, offering a way for individuals and organizations to make transactions through digital channels. As a convenient, secure alternative to cash-based payments, digital payments quickly facilitate the transfer of funds—online and in-person—without needing physical currency. Digital payment services have grown in popularity due to a widespread shift toward … Read more

7 Best Practices for Preventing Government Fraud in Payments

As pillars of the public, government organizations contribute to the stability and functionality of society, ensuring citizens receive necessary support, protection, and opportunities for growth.  Digital payments are now an integral piece of the government financial landscape. As governments strive to deliver services to the public as efficiently as possible, the need for robust security … Read more

ACH Payments: Everything You Need to Know

ACH payments

What Is an ACH Payment? An Overview An ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment is an all-digital transfer of funds between bank accounts, without using a traditional card- or paper-based transaction, through the ACH network. ACH payments, also called direct payments, use the secure ACH network for bank-to-bank transfers for various financial transactions, including: Direct deposits … Read more

PayPal Bill Pay

CORE & PayPal

What Is PayPal Bill Pay? PayPal Bill Pay simplifies the bill-paying process by allowing users to consolidate and manage their bills directly through their PayPal accounts. With PayPal Bill Pay, users enjoy a more efficient and organized approach to handling their financial obligations. With a centralized bill management hub, the payment process is streamlined. Countless … Read more

What Does PCI Stand For? A Comprehensive Guide

Secure Payment Systems

What Does PCI Stand For? PCI stands for payment card industry; it refers to security standards established to protect sensitive financial information during transactions. The PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is a security structure that outlines requirements for organizations that handle credit card data. The PCI DSS was established by major … Read more

What Are Secure Merchant Services?

Secure merchant services act as a third-party agent between merchants (a business) and payment processors or acquiring banks. The critical role of a secure merchant service includes: Payment Processing: Merchant services provide the infrastructure and technology to enable businesses to accept various payment methods, including credit or debit cards and electronic payments. Payment Gateway Integration: … Read more

Prioritize Protection—Tips and Recommendations for Safety and Security in Government Technology

While security and compliance aren’t new topics for government agencies and departments, understanding how to implement better processes and integrate AI into those practices is a top concern. In the latest Government Roundtable Series Webinar, CORE’s SVP of of Development—Alan Pyrz, SVP Development & Engineering—Justin Leapline, Founder at Episki—and Shash Cates, VP of Marketing at … Read more