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Enhanced Payment Experience for Better Citizen Engagement

The payment system you have set up is critical to a satisfactory citizen experience. Benefit from higher payment on-time and completion rates when you focus on providing an enhanced payment experience—with CORE’s payment solutions.

A poor payment experience can lead to: 

  • Difficulty collecting payments 
  • Increase in default payments
  • Lack of confidence and trust between your organization and citizens
  • Concerns over data security and privacy online or via mobile app 
  • More customer service needs that require staff attention
  • Risk of non-compliance with contracts, terms and conditions, PCI standards, and website ADA standards
  • A slow and frustrating process for facility reservations and event ticketing, reducing potential income and lowering community engagement

To keep up with evolving payment experience expectations, switch to a system that encourages civic engagement and increases citizen satisfaction. Meet your customers where they are and leverage CORE’s integrated payment solutions to enhance the citizen experience.

CORE’s system makes it simple to collect, process, and reconcile payments across the enterprise.

How CORE Helps Your Team

A poor payment experience causes bottlenecks in your payments process that can dramatically restrict revenue and cash flow. CORE’s payment platform and services for government entities alleviate this problem.

icon depicting a government treasurer's role

For Treasurers

  • Ensure financial systems connect to automated procedures.
  • Manage accuracy in reconciliation to general ledgers and accounts.
  • Trace payments, transactions, and allotments consistently for audits and legal compliance.

For Budget & Finance Teams

  • Establish complete transparency for end-to-end transaction completion.
  • Track revenue for every dollar to ensure allocation accuracy.
  • Reduce cost, risk, and resources spent on manual data entry of payments.
  • Improve accuracy in granular reporting of end-to-end revenue.
  • Eliminate PCI-related risk and increase compliance management.
icon depicting the government comptroller's role

For Comptrollers

  • Reduce liability due to improper handling of PCI.
  • Improve revenue flow and increase collections.
  • Enable better reporting and granular reconciliation across multiple departments.
  • Control complexities due to manual data entry.
graphic showing handshake and community

For Community Event Managers

  • Build trust and confidence by allowing your event attendees to pay online using their preferred payment method.
  • Ensure payment information is secure.
  • Create convenience for citizens who longer have to mail in or make in-person payments.
  • Offer a streamlined, easy-to-navigate, and branded website citizens can utilize over and over again with ease.
  • Simplify the facility reservation and ticketing process.
  • Earn more revenue.
  • Automate the reconciliation process.
graphic showing government mobile payments and charts

For City and Council Managers

  • Increase civil engagement and trust.
  • Enable and encourage open dialogue between citizens and their leaders.
  • Offer relevant citizen services
    See higher voter turnout
  • Drive better services and a more prosperous community.

The Benefits of Better Engagement and Payment Experience

Customer experience is a core metric of performance and ninety-three percent of your constituents believe all government entities should offer online payment options. Why? Customers expect to complete the payment experience without roadblocks (e.g., faulty systems, broken links, or long wait times.)

McKinsey reports:

  • Satisfied customers are 9x more likely to trust the agency providing the service and 9x more likely to agree an agency is delivering on its mission
  • Dissatisfied customers are 2x more likely to reach out for help 3+ times and 2x as likely to publicly express their dissatisfaction.
  • In almost every country, reliability and simplicity are the top two drivers of customer experience.

CORE offers a citizen experience that solves these pain points by reducing friction and increasing flexibility throughout the entire process. And for you, CORE frees up precious staff and budgetary resources to be allocated elsewhere.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Forty-five percent of citizens say avoiding a trip to a government office would give them more time in their day. Cutting-edge solutions like mobile payments and Text-2-Pay will streamline payments by providing flexible options across a variety of platforms. 

For government agencies supporting under and unbanked citizens, our in-person and over-the-counter payment, ticketing, and CMS solutions seamlessly integrate with your modern payment processes.

Speedy Payment Processes

The ease, convenience, and speed of making payments will increase trust with your citizens and can accelerate your cash flow. As for court fines and tickets, you can expect 3x the payments when accepting payment via a digital wallet.

An Increase in Citizen Engagement

Payment reminders and scheduled payments help citizens stay engaged with your government’s services. Plus, imagine seeing 3.5x engagement with parks and recreational facilities. When usage fees are accepted with digital wallets, this is a reality. 

Having a simple, stunning community website is a must for increasing citizen engagement. Your website must be:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Easy to navigate
  • Updated for the latest ADA standards 

Additionally, imagine a centralized and optimized event ticketing management system that offers citizens a 100% contactless, secure experience and increases attendance for community events like concerts, food festivals, and more.

top level security

Top-Level Security

You and your citizens don’t have to be concerned about security breaches and data theft. CORE exceeds the highest industry security standards and is PCI compliant. Digital payments decrease the worry of payments getting lost in the mail by 67%.

“The biggest advantage of CORE is that it has everything under one umbrella. Residents can go online to one location; and complete multiple tasks. They can pay their bills, sign up for services, and even sign up for a business license. It’s all in one place.”
Jim Odean, Assistant Finance Director | City of Davenport

Experience the Solution

Are you ready to integrate your payment processes, offer flexible e-billing solutions, and increase resident engagement? Schedule a conversation with CORE to learn what we can do to raise your citizen experience to the next level.

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