Utility Payment Processing: A Resource Guide for Meeting Evolving Expectations

What Is A Recurring Payment

Living in a rapidly progressing digital age can be challenging. Across every industry, there’s a shift in customer expectations regarding payment processing options. For government organizations, the age-old reliance on a paper payment system design doesn’t cut it anymore. Modern utility payment processing provides a way to solve this issue and better serve your constituents. … Read more

How to Supercharge Your Revenue Management

Revenue management doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with fully automated revenue management from payments to reconciliation, you can offer connected experiences to your customers exactly where they’re at. It’s called the new experience economy. People want their payment interactions with businesses and municipalities to be as integrated into their lives as their smartphones … Read more

Is Your Payment Processing System Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Your Customers?

In the experience era, it’s more important than ever to meet your customers where they are. Consumers expect integrated experiences—they want payments to be seamless and integrated into the digital platforms they’re already using. With CORE’s powerful customer engagement and payment processing platform, you’ll be able to attract, engage, and retain more customers. Access the … Read more

Innovative Payment Solutions: Access the Free Guide

Today’s consumers and constituents expect their payment experience to be as integrated into their lives as possible. What if you could meet them where they are? Your customers can make payments based on their preferred method, completely automated and integrated with your organization. To see exactly how innovative payment solutions from CORE can be, access … Read more

3 Steps to Improve Adoption of Your New Digital Payment Option

The vast majority of customers and constituents prefer card payments to cash. They are demanding more and more options, and they expect to be able to pay digitally on their smartphones.  It’s wise to offer as many digital payment options as possible. This way you can accept payments from customers and constituents 24/7 and cut … Read more