Take a Look: Creating a Future-Ready City

June 3, 2021

As local and state governments turn to innovation to deliver more value through diverse collaboration, one emerging metric driving forward-thinking solutions is resiliency, or the ability to react and respond to unpredictable events. From global circumstances, natural disasters, or other economic and resource taxing events, take a look how communities and leaders are embracing technological advances and a collaborative vision for the future

  • Invest in Technology and Innovation: Accelerated commitment and investment in technology, such as network connection and data collection, with trusted, long-standing partners
  • Demonstrate a Commitment to Cross-Sector Collaboration: Effectively communicate, mobilize, and provide support across government departments, constituents, and industry partners, to foster local innovation ecosystems and accelerate progress
  • Double Down on Top Talent Development: Encourage the creation of a diverse, tech-enabled workforce development to attract and retain regional and global top talent

For more recommendations on how to balance technology and innovation to best prepare for an uncertain future, read Creating a Crisis-Proof City from Digi.City, a leading advocate for the thoughtful application of technology to address civic and social challenges to create smarter, more connected communities.

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