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The Leading Payment Platform of Government Compliance

If your government organization is still using legacy systems (including outdated terminals), you could be at risk of being out of the PCI scope. This can come with a host of consequences, such as losing customer confidence and incurring related costs. 

 If you’re using a non-compliant system, you could be at risk for:

  • Creating inaccurate audits
  • Tracking transactions incorrectly
  • Losing your customers’ confidence
  • Violating PCI compliance

To reduce the risk of non-compliance, CORE provides a Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant software solution that streamlines payment acceptance and processing across every touchpoint.

Count on CORE as the leading payment platform that meets regulatory government compliance. Our revenue management system can lighten the burden and streamline your entire financial process in one go. 

How CORE Helps Your Team

PCI-related risks can sweep through an organization faster than you realize. Implementing CORE’s integrated, secure payment solutions allow you to refocus on innovation instead of extinguishing non-compliance fires. 

For Compliance Managers

  • Eliminate PCI-related violations
  • Increase control and visibility into compliance management
  • Improve reporting processes and increase granular controls
  • Reduce overall organizational liability due to improper handling of PCI

For CTOs

  • Integrate your payment systems for clear visibility
  • Facilitate communication between departments for end-to-end transparency
  • Reduce overall operational costs associated with billing processes
  • Free up time and resources to focus on business development
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For Treasurers

  • Ensure that existing and new financial platforms connect to automated procedures
  • Control accuracy in reconciliation processes with general ledgers and accounts
  • Track payments and allotments consistently

The Benefits of CORE’s PCI-Compliant Software

Financial teams handle immense responsibility daily, and providing an inaccurate value in a report is as easy as a mistype. Here’s how CORE’s platform can prevent these mistakes and streamline your processes.

Protect Your Financial Value

One innocent human error can sink an organization when it comes to regulatory compliance. To keep your government agency compliant and secure, you need an iron-clad platform that integrates seamlessly to protect financial value.

Personalize Your Needs

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach to payment collection and processing, CORE offers a personalized solution that meets your citizens where they are without your government sacrificing regulatory accountability.

Measure Your Results

Reporting, data collection, and monitoring transactions are all critical for visibility. You can accurately measure your numbers and consistently meet your metrics, and CORE’s platform enables that.

accelerate processes

Accelerate Your Processes

As a financial executive in your municipality, your daily processes are already weighed down. The more acceleration and automation, the better. The same is true for your comptrollers and compliance managers. This is where CORE’s platform comes in.

“For our county, implementing CORE has been one of our best decisions. Accepting payments, adding it our website all of it has added convenience for our residents.”
LeeAnn Dalton, Treasurer | Beaver County, Utah

Protect Your Customers’ Confidence

Want to see the capabilities CORE’s Level 1 PCI DSS PCI-compliant software for yourself? Book a conversation with us today and learn how we can make a difference.

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