Over-the-Counter Payments Datasheet

paying for goods via credit card

An efficient over-the-counter payment solution is a vital part of a streamlined transaction process. CORE’s comprehensive payment platform offers a range of functionalities that improve the in-person payment experience and overall cash management. These features include:  With CORE, government agencies can transform payment processing for greater accuracy, security, and efficiency in every transaction. Download the … Read more

Text-to-Pay Datasheet


Contactless and mobile transactions are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of payments. Tex payments facilitate this shift, offering a seamless way for your government agency to request and receive payments.  CORE’s Text-to-Pay solutions offer benefits such as: Text payment solutions accelerate payments and improve your overall operations. With CORE, your agency can meet citizen … Read more

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) Datasheet

Each transaction’s success is defined by its convenience, speed, and security. With our Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) platform, CORE revolutionizes digital payments for your government agency and the citizens you serve.  Here are just a few key benefits: CORE’s EBPP solution streamlines backend operations while reducing overhead costs and offering real-time visibility into … Read more

CORE’s EMV Point-of-Sale Technology

Payment friction can prevent a smooth, successful transaction process. Integrated POS solutions offer a way to reduce this friction and enhance consumer satisfaction.  With CORE’s POS solution, you can cater to citizens’ expectations by:  CORE’s integrated POS solutions further streamline payment processes by seamlessly connecting to back-office systems and automating reconciliation. This connection lets your … Read more

Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Datasheet

Your team only has so much bandwidth. A hosted IVR (interactive voice response) system offers a cost-effective solution to improve customer service while conserving resources and reducing compliance risks associated with other support methods.  CORE’s hosted IVR allows your government agency to offer round-the-clock access to citizen payments and account information. Benefits include the following:  … Read more

Government Treasurer Datasheet

government building

Accurate, transparent, and efficient payment systems are crucial for smooth government treasury operations. A connected payment solution can transform how your organization handles revenue operations and engages with constituents. Because connected payment systems can seamlessly integrate with other areas of your agency, your government treasury team can increase productivity, save time, and enhance consumer satisfaction.  … Read more

Budget & Finance Teams Datasheet

business meeting with finance team

An integrated payment system plays an essential role in streamlining your agency’s operations. With a seamlessly connected payment system, budget and finance processes are faster, easier, and instantly more secure. At the same time, payment and revenue visibility across departments is more transparent than ever. Agencies rely on efficient, consistent revenue streams. Connected payment systems … Read more

Government Comptroller Datasheet

As a comptroller, you want a secure, integrated payment system that connects directly to your organization’s financial health. Along with increased productivity, connected payment solutions powerfully impact day-to-day financial operations. The benefits include: With a connected payment system, comptroller can unlock better reporting processes and save your team valuable time and energy. CORE offers a … Read more

Automated Reconciliation Datasheet

An outdated reconciliation process can cause serious issues—wasting upwards of 30% of your team’s time on manual tasks, introducing errors in 2 out of every 5 entries, incomplete information, and opening your books up to fraud. It’s time for a more accurate, automated and integrated reconciliation solution. Download the Datasheet

eBill & Presentment Datasheet

Residents want a digital payment experience that offers convenience, speed, and security. Finance teams want reduced expenses, streamlined operations, and increased productivity. Make everyone happy with CORE’s EBPP solution: Customer portal Guest payments Multiple payment options In-person payments Real-time reports Digital invoice delivery…and more Download the Datasheet