Government Treasurer Datasheet

June 9, 2023

Accurate, transparent, and efficient payment systems are crucial for smooth government treasury operations. A connected payment solution can transform how your organization handles revenue operations and engages with constituents.

Because connected payment systems can seamlessly integrate with other areas of your agency, your government treasury team can increase productivity, save time, and enhance consumer satisfaction. 

A connected payment system accomplishes this by:

  1. Offering simple, automated billing processes
  2. Enhancing compliance and security features
  3. More rapidly realizing revenue and cash flow
  4. Meeting modern consumer expectations
  5. Increasing and ensuring data accuracy

CORE offers an efficient, reliable, and secure payment solution that delivers a modern experience for government treasurers and their constituents. CORE’s connected payment systems can help treasury teams streamline workflows from end-to-end to benefit every stage of the payment experience.

Download the Datasheet