West Central Conservancy District (WCCD) | Easy, Efficient Payments for Customers

After implementing CORE, WCCD saw incredible, immediate results. CORE helped WCCD offer customer-focused payment options with an online payment process, a reduction in resources needed to manage payments, automation, reduced fraud risk, and a redesigned, user-friendly website. Key results:  → $3.7M in transactions in just one year for 13,000+ customers→ 2x increase in payments in … Read more

How Beaver County Digitally Transformed Their Online Payments

With CORE’s customizable platform, each department was able to stand up a unique page, specific to their fees and payment options. Since 2012, Beaver County has seen a steady increase in online bill payments, saved time with real-time reconciliation reports, and modernized their offerings to residents. Key results: → Increase in online bill payments→ Seamless connection … Read more

Grand County increases online payments by 10x

After implementing CORE, the county improved the operational efficiency of tax season, converted more constituents to paying online, and grew from just 200 online payments in 2014 to over 2,000 in 2020, totaling over $3 million in just one year. Key results: → 10x online payments for property taxes in just 6 years→ $3 million … Read more

Modernizing the Patient Payment Experience

A growing healthcare system boasting 3,000 physicians and providers at more than 120 outpatient practices, this multi-hospital health system is focused on expanding its reach to care for more patients.