West Central Conservancy District (WCCD) | Easy, Efficient Payments for Customers

CVCA provides a quick and easy payment experience online, where revenue is automatically is transferred and complete integration and design support from CORE

December 21, 2023

After implementing CORE, WCCD saw incredible, immediate results. CORE helped WCCD offer customer-focused payment options with an online payment process, a reduction in resources needed to manage payments, automation, reduced fraud risk, and a redesigned, user-friendly website.

Key results: 

→ $3.7M in transactions in just one year for 13,000+ customers
→ 2x increase in payments in just 5 years
→ 80% eBill adoption
→ 75% of paper billing saved
→ Prevent a monthly increase in sewage rates for freeholders

Transform with CORE

With solutions designed for every transaction, channel, and device, delivering the right payment experience for your customer has never been easier.