The Definitive Guide to Modernizing the Government Payment Experience

October 10, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Modernizing Your Organization’s Payment Platform

Gone are the days where your constituents are content paying their bill by mail. In fact, only 5% want to and over 80% now want to pay their bills on a mobile device or online. Modern, digital payment systems aren’t just for eCommerce, retail, and healthcare, they’re here for government agencies too. In this Definitive Guide to Modernizing the Government Payment Experience, we’ll walk you through why it makes sense for your customers and financially for your organization.

Find out how to:

  • Reduce internal costs through paperless billing, eliminating manual data entry, and reallocate human capital to where it matters most.
  • Improve payment efficiency and collect bills on time. Nearly 30% of consumers say they’d pay faster if they received digital invoices and reminders.
  • Deliver a consistent citizen experience with more payment options, every time – all the time: In person, via mail, online on your website, text-to-pay, and even through web chat, accepting all major credit cards.

While local governments have historically been late adopters, you don’t have to get left behind. To access the Definitive Guide to Modernizing the Government Payment Experience, please fill out the brief survey below or contact us if you’re ready to schedule a demo. For further reading and webinars on digital government payments and paperless billing, check out our Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment hub.