How Does Technology Increase Efficiency in Your Organization?

June 14, 2022

Time continues to barrel onwards, and the further we get into the 21st century, the more technological innovations come our way. As a result, the question of how technology can increase efficiency is ever-present.

Optimizing technology is a key factor in improving your organization. Without technological advancements, we would be ill-equipped to work at the speed required. Productivity is difficult, but it’s important to understand how we’re using our time and where it could be better spent. 

Leveraging tools to improve efficiency at work is a vital practice. If used properly, technology can be a powerful tool that propels your organization forward and increases productivity.

Benefits of Using Technology to Improve Business Efficiency

Here are the top five benefits of using technology to improve efficiency in the workplace.

1. Automate Workflows

Many successful businesses utilize software tools to improve efficiency—specifically, applications that streamline complicated workflows and processes. 

It’s those tedious, repetitive tasks that serve as a vacuum to our productivity and the utilization of our time. In your organization, those tasks might involve: 

  • Sorting through information
  • Paying bills
  • Invoicing
  • Managing inventory
  • Manual data entry

If your organization spends significant time, money, and energy on those tasks, it might be time to automate those workflows.

Automating workflows and processes increases employee productivity. Manually conducting tasks that could be automated is one part of it, but if something goes wrong in your business, technology can also help you get back on your feet faster. This mitigates the cost and stress it would have taken for employees to recover.

2. Streamline Business Processes 

The faster your organization grows, the more crucial it is that you streamline your business processes. Restructuring repetitive processes, going digital with paper-based systems, and improving methods of communication are all ways technology can aid you in achieving this goal. 

Improving the efficiency of your operations will allow your entire organization to run smoother. This leads to faster, more present customer service, contributing to improved customer retention. This is a great example of using technology to improve business efficiency. 

3. Facilitate Communication

Communication is essential in running an efficient organization, both internally and externally. Technology is changing the way we communicate at a rapid pace, and learning to adapt and thrive within that space will improve productivity and transparency. 

Pushing lines of communication open between employees and clients builds trust and increases retention. Video conferencing allows for face-to-face communication. Email and instant messaging create more internal discussion opportunities for collaboration. 

Overall, technology has a huge impact on our communication practices, and when leveraged properly, can create more accountability and transparency within your organization.

4. Plan Strategically

To be strategic, you have to be knowledgeable. Using technology to gather important data can give you the information you need to make informed decisions. Rather than relying on intuition or feedback, you can leverage concrete data. This data informs your capacity to implement smart, intuitive strategies. 

Reports with that kind of information are extremely valuable, and with the right awareness, they can elevate your organization.

On the planning side, using project management software can take your strategy sessions and turn them into actionable change. Good project management software allows you to organize your goals, tasks, and milestones efficiently. It will also promote better internal communication because it gives individuals action items to check off.

5. Tighten Budgets

By reducing wasteful practices, technology can help you tighten your budgets. Using a revenue and payment platform that allows you to automate your financial processes is a huge benefit. In the endeavor to streamline resources using technology, you have the potential to transform your finances. 

Look for a platform that provides your organization with a fully integrated solution to make things as streamlined and efficient as possible. 

Improve Efficiency In The Workplace

Technology Pitfalls to Avoid

While the benefits of technology are extensive, and in most cases they far outweigh the consequences, there are things to be aware of. Here are the top three technology pitfalls to avoid to ensure a positive experience.

1. Distractions

Distractions in the workplace can be damaging and demoralizing, and avoiding them whenever possible is a good practice. Technology, when used poorly, has the potential to become more distracting than helpful. Employees might spend more time surfing the web than responding to emails, and productivity systems are only helpful when utilized; otherwise, they can take up precious time trying to sort through them.

Use your best judgment. You know your industry and where technology could be helpful or hurtful, and of course, the goal is to implement it where it’s helpful. If you’re concerned about distractions, the best thing to do is be mindful of your technology use and encourage your employees to do the same. 

When executed correctly, technology can assist in eliminating distractions and increase the complexity of mental work.

2. Expenses

Technology can also be expensive. The initial cost of supplying people with equipment is the tip of the iceberg. Most technological resources require continual upkeep and maintenance to ensure that everything is being utilized properly. 

While this can be a deterrent, you should consider it an investment in your organization’s long-term growth. Without the proper technology, that growth could slow significantly. 

It is important to invest in quality equipment that’s going to be both reliable and efficient. Do your research to ascertain which options are best for your business. 

3. Data Loss

Data loss is a distinct possibility with the growing presence of technology in our modern lives. You regularly see reports of minor or major data loss from: 

  • Hacking
  • Phishing schemes
  • Crashing
  • Other security breaches

This is something that you should be hyper-aware of when using tools like cloud storage and relying on applications for many of your foundational processes. 

There are plenty of measures you can take to ensure the security of your data. Invest in resources that provide adequate data backups (and backups for your backups) if there are circumstances outside of your control. 

Improve Efficiency in the Workplace with CORE

Technology can vastly improve efficiency in the workplace. The goal is to increase productivity and avoid the pitfalls that can arise. It can be challenging to implement new tech to boost your overall performance, but with the right tools, you’ll be able to accomplish it with ease. 

CORE brings you fully integrated solutions, streamlined processes, and efficient tools to improve your organization’s efficiency. Contact us to learn more about how you can use technology in your workplace.

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