How the Pieces Fit: The Impact of Disconnected Billing & Payment Systems and the Power of Connectivity

May 24, 2023

For most government agencies, the payment experience isn’t seamless for citizens nor staff. Having to navigate and manage multiple required steps, systems, payment methods or types to complete a simple payment can be frustrating.

Obstacle inside of the citizen payment experience include:

→ Payment notices delivered in an outdated method (often by mail).
→ Forced to commute or mail a check to complete payment.
→ Online flows involve rerouting to another agency’s or third-party site.

Behind the scenes, processing and reporting challenges include:

→ Finance teams losing valuable time to reconciling payments from multiple payment methods and systems.
→ Errors and lack of clarity on citizen payment history and stored information.
→ Staff still managing payments by phone and in person.

The Impact of Disconnected Billing & Payment Systems

Consolidating all processes into a single, streamlined payments and engagement platform can help your agency: 

Digitize payment requests. 

  • Only 5% of citizens say they still want to pay bills with a check. 
  • Only 43% of citizens say they want to receive government bills via mail.

Through a streamlined payments and engagement platform, it’s easy to digitize both payment notices and payment methods to options that work for today’s modern consumer. 

Get paid faster. 

  • 35% of citizens say the delivery method of their government bill directly impacts how fast they pay their bills. 
  • Nearly 30% of citizens say they would pay their bills faster if they received their payment invoices or payment reminders digitally. 

Through a united platform, your agency can get paid faster. Offering instant billing delivery and online payment options lets residents access bills information 24/7 and make payments in real time. 

Save more time on the backend.

  • Finance teams typically spend 30% of their time on manual reconciliation. 
  • 60% of finance teams still rely on manual reconciliation. 

Through a consolidated platform, your finance team can save time with automatic reconciliation. Plus, with payments connected to your back-office systems, the risk of manual data entry errors (which are prevalent when humans are entering—or reentering—information, especially for reconciliation tasks) is reduced.

Get more accurate reporting. 

  • 40% of a financial analyst’s time is spent gathering data, not analyzing it.
  • For every 5 manual entries, at least 2 contain an error.

Through a modern payments and engagement platform, reconciliation is automatic, reducing the time spent gathering data and manually entering that data into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Reporting becomes a faster, more accurate task instead of a weekly drain on internal resources. 

Consolidate your billing, payment, and reporting system and improve your overall payment experience with CORE.

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