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What Is Service Request Management? [Why You Need It]

Service request management software is one way to make sure the needs of your customers, vendors, and employees are efficiently tracked and resolved, rather than letting concerns fall through the cracks.

Here’s your chance to learn more about service request management, including what a service request is and the best strategies for implementing a service request management solution for your organization.

What Is a Service Request?

A service request is any formal request from an employee, customer, or vendor to request access to an established service.

In a bit less formal language, a service request is a way for a person to ask a company for something they already provide, but the person doesn’t have access to. This can be anything from a customer asking for an extension on a bill to an employee learning how to utilize their employee discount.

What Are Examples of a Service Request?

A service request can come in a wide range of forms. Here are some of the most common service requests for employees, customers, and vendors.

  • Time-Off Requests – Employees who want to take time off or use their PTO must submit a time-off request to their manager or HR department.
  • Password Reset – Some of the most common service requests are for the IT department to reset passwords.
  • Technology Requests – Everything from replacing an outdated computer to requesting access to the printer is a service request.
  • Product Return – Customers who are not satisfied with their product or have second thoughts about their purchase need to be able to return their purchase for a refund.
  • Updating Vendor Information – Keeping updated and accurate vendor records is an essential part of invoicing and billing. Vendors need to be able to make necessary changes to their contact information as needed.

What Is Service Request Management?

Service request management is a structured format for tracking and resolving all service requests. When a service request is received, a ticket is created and assigned to the appropriate person in your organization to resolve. Ideally, the request is resolved, and the ticket is closed. However, it’s not uncommon for a request with multiple layers to be put on hold, transferred to another member to resolve additional issues, or even need a secondary ticket for an issue discovered while working on the initial request. All this is done through the service request management software so every request can be tracked and resolved.

Service Request Management Software

What Is Incident Request Management, and Is It Different from Service Request Management?

Incident request management is different from service request management because of the topic of the request. Where a service request is a formal request for an existing procedure or service the organization already provides, an incident request is a report of an unplanned service interruption. A service request is asking for the office wifi password. The wifi and password already exist, but the employee doesn’t have access. An incident request is informing the company wifi is down. The employee has access to the wifi, but the service is no longer available.

While both requests are meant to identify an issue and resolve the problem, it’s important to understand the difference between them. Service requests tell the organization someone wants access to something that exists, while incident reports tell the organization something went wrong, and they no longer have access to a service.

How Does Service Request Management Benefit Businesses?

Service request management benefits businesses because it provides a faster, more efficient way to deal with service requests and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Managing internal service requests better managed can improve employee satisfaction and efficiency. Service requests give your employees access to the tools they need to succeed and thrive. Providing fast and accurate support for those requests demonstrates to your employees that their needs matter to the organization and they are not forgotten or overlooked.

Managing external service requests is equally important as dealing with internal requests because resolving the requests plays an important part in establishing brand relationships and loyalty. By quickly and efficiently tracking and resolving a service request, you can help improve customer satisfaction.

Service request management solutions also make it easy to track which issues are resolved to ensure nothing is left forgotten or partially done. This helps customers and vendors to feel like their needs matter, and that resolving them is a priority.

What Are the Best Strategies for Service Request Management?

Managing service requests is an essential part of any organization. Here are some best practices to make sure your service request management is working as it should.

1. Prioritize Tickets with Automation

Automation can help you quickly sort through which tickets are high priority and need to be resolved immediately and which don’t need immediate attention.

Automation can even resolve common requests and issues without manual input. For example, an employee asking for the wifi password can automatically be sent an email with the login information.

2. Create a Service Catalog

A service catalog is a complete collection of the services that can be provided, including how to perform each one. A service catalog is essential for your team because it can guide all team members when they’re faced with a new or confusing issue.

A service catalog ensures that every ticket receives the same pattern and quality of service, and serves as a knowledge database for all employees.

3. Optimize the Fulfillment Process with Reports

You can’t tell if something is successful if you don’t track it. Consistent reports can help highlight the wins of your service request management solution and identify where there is a need for growth.

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