What is Digital Transformation and Why Does it Matter?

Welcome to the new Age of Experience, where the interactions that a customer has with an enterprise is an extension of their brand and services. In recent years, enterprises have been under growing pressure to transform operations and invest in innovative technologies and processes to account for this digital shift.

The need to adopt transformative initiatives have been accelerated by the need to meet customers where there are, improving efficiencies and service delivery while reducing costs. Historically faced with challenges in updating financial systems and infrastructure due to budget constraints, increased workloads, and insufficient resources, there is growing recognition that investing in digital transformation has significant pay off.

With all the hype of digital transformation, however, sometimes it is easy to forget what it means and why it is important to adopt.

To be brief, digital transformation is applying new, emerging technologies to fundamentally improve how enterprises operate, from digitizing business processes to offering more engaging customer experiences.

With changing expectations for greater transparency, responsiveness, and customer engagement, you cannot fully embrace digital transformation without modern payments.

When enterprises expand their digital transformation efforts to include anytime, anywhere payments, integrated revenue management, and more ways to connect with customers, organizations have experienced significant improvements from payment collections, customer satisfaction, and more!

CORE is the premier digital payment solution platform.

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