What You Need to Know About Hosted IVR Solutions

June 14, 2022

*Last Updated: August 16, 2023

A hosted IVR solution can help your company: 

  • Increase accessibility to customers around the clock.
  • Improve employee efficiency.
  • Bolster customer satisfaction.

Find out what a hosted IVR system is, how it works, and the benefits it can provide your company.

What Is Hosted IVR?

Hosted IVR (interactive voice response) is a cloud-based solution that uses speech recognition and automation to route customer phone calls. This helps the customer reach the right person or department at any time without the need for human input.

For example, an IVR can greet the customer and ask what service, information, or individual they are looking for. Rather than pressing a number on a telephone pad to select the right department, speech-enabled IVR utilizes voice recognition to interpret the needs of the customer so it can:

  • Transfer customers to the appropriate extension.
  • Provide the needed information to answer questions.
  • Enable online payments

How Does a Hosted IVR System Work?

A hosted IVR system needs to be programmed to work correctly. Your agency essentially creates a flowchart of menu options that enable customers to access certain outcomes, such as:

  • Hours of operation
  • Billing information
  • Connections to customer service
  • Appointment verification
  • Transfer to the right department

Once the IVR system has been programmed, it is installed and implemented. The system follows the established flow chart for each call from that point. Callers will be given a menu with choices designed to address the most common questions and concerns.

Because IVR uses voice recognition, IVR systems can understand requests and questions from every caller. This enables customers to interact with the cloud-based IVR system in a more human-like manner. This makes IVR an important tool for increasing operating efficiency while improving the customer experience.

Business Advantages of Using a Hosted IVR Solution?

Here are some of the biggest benefits a hosted IVR solution can provide your business. 

  • 24/7 Availability – A hosted IVR solution is always functioning and available. Customers can call at any time and be greeted with the same options. Even if customer service reps aren’t available, they can use the cloud-based IVR to access information and pay their bill.  
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – An IVR enables every customer to quickly and effectively find what they are looking for. Quick resolution through the IVR helps improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced Costs – Hosted IVR is cheaper and more available than a traditional front desk secretary or office manager and can easily work with multiple lines of customers simultaneously. 
  • Eliminates Communication Errors – A computerized system ensures that frustration is minimized by providing the same, accurate information on every call. By removing the human element, there is no chance for variation. 
  • Boost Employee Productivity – IVR eliminates menial tasks for your employees that can easily be handled by automation. This frees them up to work on more important projects.

Hosted IVR in Government Organizations

At its core, hosted IVR redefines the citizen experience for modern government agencies. The streamlined interactions and the expanding access to remote tools create a sense of trust and confidence in government agencies.

Speech-enabled IVR emerges as a strategic move for many agencies. It can deliver an optimal citizen experience while creating a solid internal operation through automating routine tasks. Moreover, hosted IVR provides many financial advantages that can save money:

  • Minimizing time spent resolving out-of-date data issues.
  • Reducing the amount of late notices sent to accounts that already paid
  • Spending less on mailing and postage

Government agencies have found Hosted IVR to play a critical role in integrated payments. They provide a seamless and user-friendly interface and are one of a few secure payment processing systems that can handle safe payment options.

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