eBook Recap: Secure Payment Systems: Finding the Right One for Your Constituents

December 14, 2022

Finding the right payment system for your residents can be a significant obstacle. Many government organizations struggle to overcome the challenge, but CORE has an eBook on this topic that breaks down your options in detail.

Read this summary of our eBook to help you determine the best secure payment systems for government organizations.

An Overview of 12 Secure Payment Processing Systems

The sea of payment processing systems is vast. The extensive selection is appealing if your primary aim is to find flexible options for your residents. Yet, finding the best channels is crucial to make the most of your payment platform.

Here’s brief information about 12 of the most commonly used digital payment systems:

  1. EBPP (eBilling): Electronic bill presentation and payment (EBPP or eBilling) is a digital-ready, connected payment solution that combines components of payment presentation, acceptance, and processing in a secure platform.
  2. Online Payment: Online payment processors operate around the clock, using a flexible and connected user interface to process web-based payments.
  3. Cashiering: Cashing platforms help consolidate processes and systems, making it easier to streamline end-of-day batch reconciliation processes.
  4. Text-2-Pay: Meet your residents where they are with Text-2-Pay payment options. This option sends links via text message, directing individuals to a secure online payment portal.
  5. Self-Service Payments: Government employees aren’t available 24/7, which can lead to late payments from residents who need more flexible hours. Self-service payment solutions allow your organization to accept payments around the clock.
  6. Mobile Payments: Mobile contactless payments are popular and convenient. Most people are familiar with the process and appreciate the option to pay through their mobile devices.
  7. ACH/eCheck Payments: Not everyone wants to pay with a credit card, so providing the option for ACH and eCheck payments can help customers (and your organization) avoid credit card fees.
  8. Hosted IVR: Interactive voice response (IVR) is an excellent option for over-the-phone payment processing. It’s an automated platform that can accept ACH, credit, debit, or prepaid cards.
  9. Kiosk Solutions: The digital revolution changed how we process payments remotely and transformed in-person solutions. Offering a secure, configurable kiosk provides the best of both worlds.
  10. POS/Devices Peripherals: The ideal point-of-sale solution embodies both convenience and security. An entirely integrated solution eliminates the risk of disconnected processes.
  11. Terminals: Terminals include traditional countertop point-of-service (POS) units and portable mobile devices. They also provide virtual credit card processing tools.
  12. Wire Transfer: A wire transfer, also known as a bank transfer, is a direct transmission of funds from one bank account to another.

Download the Full eBook Today to Get the Details

Ready to dive deeper into our list of secure payment systems? In CORE’s Secure Payment Systems: Finding the Right One for Your Constituents eBook, you’ll find a detailed table that compares all your options, deeper insight into the pain points they solve, and other helpful information.