Healthcare & Government: The Best Software Tools

April 12, 2022

The Best Healthcare and Government Software Tools for Project Management, Consumer Engagement, Payment Solutions, and Revenue Management

As an executive or leader in the government or healthcare industry, it’s ultimately your responsibility to heal your organization’s aching pain points regarding projects, payments, and revenue management.

To accomplish all of this, you and your team rely on the best tools to get the work done without any headaches. 

Since 1986, CORE has built innovative,scalable solutions designed to deliver modern, convenient experiences for government and healthcare sectors. We’ve seen firsthand many “solutions” come and go through the years, which  gives us a unique perspective of products that are built for the modern enterprise. 

We’ve broken down our recommendations into three categories that cover both healthcare and government:

  1. Project Management Tools
  2. Payment Solutions
  3. Revenue Management Technologies

The Best Healthcare & Government Project Management Tools

Project management tools in healthcare and government are more important now than ever before. 

In today’s fast-paced economy, a good deal of work is done using sector-specific project management tools to:

  • Improve the quality of care given to patients and citizens.
  • Keep communication lines open.
  • Share information with all involved parties.
  • Allocate resources where they’re needed most.
  • Enhance the productivity of staff.
  • Help prioritize the right projects and goals.
  • Allow for better organization and planning.

Planview: Healthcare Project Management Software

Planview is a favorite project management software in healthcare that hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies use for enterprise planning, work/team management, and delivering strategic results. This solution enables healthcare organizations to connect ideas that impact and accelerate the achievement of what matters most. 


  • Discovers the right path forward
  • Adapts and constantly transforms as needed
  • Enables providers to embrace change
  • Maintains priority on overall strategy
  • Focuses on:
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Innovation management
    • Project portfolio management
    • Lean portfolio management
    • Strategic and financial planning
    • Product portfolio management
    • Lean and agile delivery

Airtable: Government Project Management Software

Airtable is the best government project management software for clients, including Netflix, Intuit, and Shopify. Airtable’s software is one part spreadsheet and one part database. It uses industry-expert-built templates that kickstart projects on the right foot through the final mile and across the finish line. 


  • Has flexible views to see the same content from different perspectives
  • Gives workflow a boost with app-like functionality
  • Uses Hangouts to stay connected with all the right people
  • Streamlines the creation process
  • Pushes assets through the pipeline
  • Creates a single repository for all files and digital media
  • Transforms how teams work at scale

Highly Rated Consumer Engagement Technology

Consumer engagement is critical in today’s experience-focused climate. Fortunately, modern and engaging touchpoints deliver on consumer expectations. When such a solution is fully integrated with an organization’s electronic record systems, it enables  frictionless experiences.  

CORE’s Consumer Engagement and Event Management solution can jumpstart your healthcare or government enterprise to better serve patients and citizens. 


The Top-Rated Healthcare & Government Payment Solution

Healthcare providers put their patients first, but there’s a cost. Receiving payments in a timely, efficient manner help pay for modern medical care. Just as procedures and treatments evolve and advance, so must payment systems.

CORE’s healthcare payment system for your healthcare ecosystem is a streamlined payment automation solution that improves the payment experience while managing reduced budgets and resources. It allows healthcare organizations to continue leveraging existing technology investments, but gives a unified view of each patient’s financial responsibility across their continuum of care.

Government agencies are uniquely accountable to taxpayers, with fiscal responsibility being front and center. Constituents must be able to make secure payments for taxes, utilities, parks and recreation access, licenses, permits, and more.

CORE’s modern government payment processing gateway and solutions have the flexibility to provide integrated payments across the public sector. This comprehensive, end-to-end local and state payment management system delivers a cohesive, frictionless customer experience. 


  • Allows guest payments
  • Boosts collections
  • Is secure with multiple processors and bank connection points
  • Provides a central repository for reporting, research, and configuration
  • Solves reconciliation challenges
  • Optional pharmacy payment processing

The Leading Healthcare & Government Revenue Management Software

Attaining stabilized financials across disparate systems is a real challenge. However, the healthcare and government industries can deliver a cohesive, seamless consumer experience by automating the entire lifecycle of securely accepting, processing, and reconciling payments. A fully integrated solution fulfills every POS, online, back office, and banking relationship needs from initial request to final reconciliation.  

Healthcare providers need visibility into every step of the revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry. CORE’s healthcare revenue cycle management solution does this successfully. 

Additionally, an integrated revenue management software solution for government agencies provides full integration to drive collections and provide a modern patient experience.


  • Consolidates disparate systems across the enterprise
  • Is a payment facilitator that optimizes payment collection
  • Integrates with accounts receivable, general ledger, and bank reconciliation
  • Captures revenue before, during, and after the time of service
  • Provides deep, data-driven reporting

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