Omnichannel Payment Processing

Bringing a unified payments experience for customers at home, on the go, or in-person with CORE’s all-in-one solution.

Solving for today’s buyer journey requires a totally integrated and consistent brand experience. If we have learned one thing, consumers will move between devices and channels over time. Meeting rising consumer expectations makes omnichannel payments increasingly important by the day, if not the hour.

Forward-thinking organizations are delivering security and convenience with multiple options

CORE’s Omnichannel payment platform provides payment channels that are integrated and consistent with the user experience. When customers connect with a business like yours to make purchases or pay bills; they expect to see the same recognizable branding right from the start and all the way through the payment process.

We provide the connected experience that integrates all of your organization’s payment processes together, giving you a single view of your customer interactions, and most importantly, giving you insight to revenue across all of your payments, regardless of the channel.

But I Offer Multi-Channels For Payment, Why Do I Need an Omnichannel Processing Platform?

Offering online and mobile payments for example provide great alternative payment channels without question. The thing to remember is, if they are running alone or isolated, you’re not receiving the true benefit of an omnichannel payment solution.

CORE takes this to a different level by bringing security, reporting and financial reconciliation under one umbrella. We provide transparency and visibility across the entire ecosystem. Having the ability to take payments in a variety of ways without a sacrificing convenience, service or branding are key differentiators.

Here’s a variety of ways CORE can increase your presence beyond traditional in-person payments:

  • Online payment pages or “buy” buttons
  • Automatic/recurring subscription billing
  • Invoices linked to secure payment pages
  • Contactless/NFC payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet)

Let CORE deliver an engaging and consistent customer experience whether it’s a digital or in-person experience.

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