Your Guide to Electronic Government Payment Systems: 3 Benefits to Consider

August 31, 2022

Governments often find themselves tied to traditional paper billing methods. However, the world continues to move forward at an unprecedented pace. Payment innovations are central to the Digital Experience Era, and civilians are accustomed to the convenience of these processes. 

If you’re curious about electronic government payment systems and how they could benefit your various government departments, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the specific benefits of e-payment solutions for governments and options for implementation. 

Why Choose Electronic Payment Processing for Governments?

The choice to switch to electronic payment processing for governments can be difficult. Many government agencies are comfortable with traditional paper billing systems and can feel daunted by the possibility of electronic solutions.

There are solutions that make the switch much easier, and the expectations of your customer base are that you’ll continually improve the ease and speed of paying monthly utility bills, annual auto fees, various taxes, and even community services bills. The benefits extend to your city and county operations as well.

Take a look at some of the immediate wins of adopting electronic payment processing for governments.

1. Secure and Integrated Processing Solutions

Digital payment processing solutions are secure and frictionless. They provide a remedy to outdated systems that don’t meet modern standards. Simple, civilian-friendly platforms can help serve your department and the people you serve every day. 

The Digital Experience Era means we can modernize the journey, from revenue automation to visibility across the billing cycle.

2. Mobile Payment Solutions

Opting for electronic payment solutions means you can utilize mobile payment options. This flexible and scalable advantage enables people to make secure payments based on their preferences across multiple channels, including:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Self-service

With mobile options, you can accept secure payments for utilities, taxes, permits, parks and recreation, licenses, and more.

3. All-in-One Electronic Hosted Options

One of the best benefits of using digital platforms for payment processing is leveraging an all-in-one hosting option. Your data is always safe and secure and never resides on your local systems or network. Having a single platform for your payment processing means your office can access it in real time from any location. Other benefits include:

  • Online access
  • Point-of-sale solutions
  • IVR
  • Text-2-Pay options
  • Kiosk systems
  • Mobile access
  • Agent-assisted processes
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP)
  • A digital wallet

CORE is a PCI Level 1 service provider and an ideal choice for governments looking for an all-in-one hosting solution

What Are Your Options for Government E-Payments?

Many options are available for governments transitioning to electronic payment processing solutions. Understanding those options is essential to making the best decision for your department. The right platform can supply your agency with the right payment solutions for your constituents. 

Here are four examples of electronic credit card processing options for government agencies.

1. Text-2-Pay

Text-2-Pay is an extremely convenient way to make safe, secure, and seamless payments. It works by sending an individual a text message with a link to a secure payment portal. They can then click the link, enter their credit card information, and make payments with ultimate convenience.

2. Online Payment Portals

Online payment portals are nothing new, and you’ve likely used them for a variety of online platforms. Usually, the payment gateway is accessed via a website, so you can collect payments and manage billing processes from one secure, easy-to-use location. 

3. App Payment Portals

An alternative to website-based online payment portals is having a payment gateway on an app. If your government agency has an associated app already, integrating a payment solution can be a seamless way to collect financial data safely. 

4. Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) is a great way to reduce friction in the payment process. It’s a solution that provides an enriched self-service customer engagement platform that fully integrates with advanced cashiering options. 

When you use CORE for your EBPP needs, you can create a unified payment system that provides flexibility, facilitates proactive action, and allows for guest payments. The advantage is a consolidated system that simplifies the process and ensures maximum security. 

Use CORE for Government Credit Card Processing

CORE is committed to delivering payment innovation for the experience era. Our payment processing software solutions for electronic billing are the key to unified, seamless systems. Government agencies can benefit from taking the complexity out of electronic payment processing and making the integration simple. That’s where CORE comes in.

Find out more about our secure, integrated, all-in-one hosting platform for your electronic billing requirements, and learn more about what CORE can do for your department. Contact us today so we can chat about your needs.

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